Looking For A Tax Job? Give Yourself A Valuable Advantage

TaxConnections will help anyone currently looking for a tax job get noticed by key hiring decision-makers. Several calls have come to us from hiring authorities about the adjustments  they have had to make in their tax organizations during this pandemic. However, what we are now experiencing is a Who’s Who of accounting firms and corporate organizations coming to TaxConnections to find tax expertise for their organization. The post is focused on being the lifeline for tax professionals currently unemployed and searching for a tax job in today’s market.

You must position your tax expertise in front of an audience looking for tax expertise. You must make it easy for hiring authorities to find you. You must understand that it is easier for hiring authorities to find you on www.taxconnections.com professional branding and marketing platform.

Why is it easier for hiring executives to find you on TaxConnections?

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Looking For A Tax Job? Advice Of An Internationally Recognized Tax Recruiter

While speaking to an accounting firm principal recently, he mentioned layoffs in the firms. What I shared privately surprised him. Last week, several clients called needing to hire more people in their tax organizations. Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic and corporate tax departments are actively hiring. In the words of one Tax Director, “We are in more than one hundred countries globally and are already set up to work remotely from home any day of the week. We have a lot of experience working remotely so we are getting our work done.”

Another fact you may find interesting, I recently placed a tax executive and they start this coming week working from home. Working remote was not in the job description. The company wired up a computer and sent it to their home. Fortunately, there are corporate decision-makers who take action and get things done no matter what the circumstances. They know tax increases are coming and are hiring trained tax experts in their tax departments now. They know there is a shortage of available trained tax expertise given the current and certainly future demand.

What is happening in the tax job market right now?

1. Baby Boomer tax professional early retirements are increasing the availability of jobs.
2. Tax reform and tax technology requires tax professionals with a new set of tools.
3. Tax professionals with software technology expertise are thriving in this market.
4. The skills and knowledge required are changing for tax professionals every day.
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Need Tax Job

As the CEO of TaxConnections, it is important for tax professionals who may find themselves out of work to learn from my years of tax recruiting expertise. Although there will be major layoffs after tax season, I guarantee you that tax professionals will thrive this year and beyond. All of the money that is being provided through the Stimulus Bills coming of Congress will result in massive tax increases. Companies we are talking to now are asking us to help them staff their corporate tax organizations. Many corporate tax professionals working in multinationals have been working remotely all hours of the day for years so they will continue to do the same. These are the smart organizations who understandably know the future will bring increased tax rates. TaxConnections makes it easier for organizations and people to find tax experts to hire searching on our niche tax platform.

During times of uncertainty people behave differently in how they handle their lives. There are tax professional baby boomers who will now retire early because they are ready to do so. These tax professionals do not want to start all over again learning about the tax law changes due to tax reform; they know they must tool up for tax software technology; and they will simply retire earlier than companies expect. As a result, many new tax roles will open up and tax opportunities will abound for technically trained tax professionals. Other tax professionals will take a wait and see approach and will discover later they wished they moved to the front lines sooner; and then there will be tax professionals who simply do not take any action. Tax professionals who take action today to raise their online visibility will thrive with more opportunities coming to them.

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Find Tax Jobs With TaxConnections

We are proactively coming up with solutions to help the global tax professional community during a time of great uncertainty. Over thirty years, experience has taught us there are unforeseen events that occur effecting the hiring of tax professionals. When it comes to working in the Big Four, you may find sites like www.goingconcern.com of interest as they are a good reminder of what happens. There are lessons to learn from previous disruptions in the tax profession. Once you learn them you will be able to anticipate what is ahead. However, you need to have insight about what to anticipate before a layoff affects you or anyone you know. Understand the value of staying ahead of the curve of any layoff and position yourself to land top the tax jobs available now.

There are numerous tax organizations searching right now for your tax expertise. However, there are also tax professionals who will be laid off during a time of uncertainty. For those of you considering a move after tax season, take my advice: The smartest tax professionals are interviewing “now via video” and not after tax season. Why? After busy season, you have a lot more people competing for the same pool of tax jobs available. Tax professionals who are tech savvy online will win the attention of future employers. Stay ahead of the market by interviewing now if possible and not after tax season. Anticipate layoffs after tax season and you will be ahead of competitors in being considered for choice tax roles. Remember this is the best way to stay ahead of the curve.

An interesting article in the Financial Times brings to our attention how the Big Four accounting firms handles economic disruption. KPMG came up with the codename “Project Zebra” which stands for “zero-based budgeting” which is a means of stripping as much cost as possible out of a business operation. In particular, KPMGs own website advertises zero-based budgeting requires “getting leadership to rethink their business through the eyes of an external investor and “remove emotion” from their decision-making on cost savings. Shockingly, they state “focus ruthlessly on value creation”. About 150 cost-cutting measures were (are) being considered including recalling hundreds of employees’ corporate mobile phones and making about a third of its personal assistants redundant. What will they do now in an uncertain market? They will likely focus their attention on driving long-term value.
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Kat Jennings - How To Find A Tax Job

You are a tax professional who has come to the realization that things have changed; you woke up one day and the world of tax is different. Everybody is creating efficiencies and shortcuts and you are trying to figure out what solution is best for you.  Remember my words from the previous post… If you remember any words of this blog post, remember you must stand out in order to get noticed and considered for tax jobs and new clients. We are going to discuss ways we make it easier for tax professionals to stand out.  It is important to understand this as many people are following the crowd of sheep oblivious to what is really happening around them online. Allow me to enlighten you to facts important to know.

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Kat Jennings- Tax Jobs - Learn Why They Never Make It To You

Do you ever wonder why it is such a challenge to find a tax job? Yet there are thousands of tax jobs available worldwide every day. It would be easy to write a book on all the challenges tax professionals face to find a tax job. Unless you are in the trenches finding tax jobs for tax professionals every day, you have no idea of all the obstacles encountered during a tax job search. Three decades assisting tax professionals in securing tax opportunities makes me an expert on the topic. My objective is to guide you through a process that has many trap doors that prevent you from readily accessing tax jobs.

Why do you rarely hear about great tax roles at events with your tax colleagues? Why are there tax jobs you never hear about until you discover a tax executive you know just landed this plum role? How are tax professionals approached and chosen today for the best tax jobs on the market? How can you increase your visibility to be considered for wonderful tax roles? It is time to learn how to turn the tide of greater tax career opportunity to your advantage.

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Tax graduates work very hard to obtain a great education; they are then booted from the education nest only to struggle in finding a tax job. I was determined to find a solution to this problem and knew the only way to solve it was build it for tax graduates.  What I learned consulting to multinational tax clients for thirty years was the challenge they faced finding and connecting with a fresh group of new tax graduates each year. Hundreds of times, tax executives of major corporations would ask me “Where are the tax graduates? Read More