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Gather in your conference rooms or at your desks to watch this presentation from Shamen Dugger at TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 8:00AM (PST).  Learn from this tax expert about Tax Provision (ASC 740/FAS 109).

Introducing Tax Expert:                      (See Video Below)
Shamen Dugger, McGladrey LLP, San Francisco and San Jose, CA


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Exit Tax Operates To Confiscate Assets Of Those Who Moved From The U.S. Years Ago; And On Assets Acquired After Leaving The U.S. (Including Non-U.S. Pensions)


Introducing Tax Expert and TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit Presenter: John Richardson, Citizenship Solutions, Toronto, Canada

Are you a “Covered Expatriate”?  Learn about this term and so much more regarding FATCA, FBAR and Exit Taxes from John Richardson on September 21st.  See his short introductory video below and get your free VIP Ticket to the Internet Tax Summit. Read More

Get to know TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit Presenter George Mentz, JD, MBA, GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Internet Tax Summit

Listen to Presenter George Mentz discuss the top tax ideas for the Presidential Candidates, 2016, with insight on possible changes to the tax code and tax reform.  Listen to this intense discussion about the candidates and to the key tax issues that can help working families become more productive and help make this country great again.

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New And Upcoming National Nexus, The U.S. Congressional Marketplace Fairness Act
Dan Thompson, Thompson Tax, Silicon Valley, CA
Learn what Daniel Thompson, President of Thompson Tax And Associates will be discussing at the upcoming TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit.  Watch and listen to his brief video that will lead up to his full presentation on the New and Upcoming National Nexus.  Daniel’s Tax Industry Expertise is in Multi-State and Local Sales & Use Tax Consulting.


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U.S. Multinationals Being Pursued By African Revenue Authorities With Large Tax Assessments


Learn what Dr. Daniel Erasmus/Transfer Pricing Expert, Tax Risk Management and International Tax Attorney will be discussing at the upcoming TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit.  Listen to his transfer pricing example about reducing significant tax exposure for Multinationals in this video.



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It is very exciting coaching tax professionals how to get ahead in the tax profession with the newest marketing technology, especially since there are more than 50 Million pages of tax professionals on a Google search. TaxConnections technology provides tax professionals with the ability to rise above the web crowd quickly giving them a significant competitive advantage! We will demonstrate how to take any tax professional to the front of the people’s minds literally overnight with this new technology!

With new technology, there are the “early adopters of new technology” who are leading the way; and then there are tax professionals who languish around on other sites following the herd while their tax identities are being sold for a fee to email them a message; and then there are those remaining resisters of new technology who remain out of sight. Read More

What Are Your Tax Filing Obligations As A U.S. Citizen Living Abroad?

Learn From ExpatTaxProfessionals By Clicking On These Videos.
Introducing Tax Experts: Ephraim Moss and Joshua Ashman, ExpatTaxProfessionals, U.S. And U.K.

Ephraim Moss



Joshua Ashman


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Internet Tax Summit

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This Blog Post on TaxConnections is an effort to respond in a practical way to the questions that people have. Please watch my presentation at the Internet Tax Summit to learn more.

“I Really Wish I Could Do Retirement Planning Like A “Normal” Person. But, I’m an American Abroad. I hear I can’t Invest in Mutual funds in my Country of Residence.

The “Coming into U.S. Tax Compliance Book” is designed to provide an overview of how to bring some sanity to your life.

My Assumptions: This discussion assumes without deciding, that non-U.S. mutual funds are PFICs AKA “Passive Foreign Investment Corporations”. Although a clear majority of Read More

There is a lot of activity around the complimentary tickets to the Internet Tax Summit; however, it is the software we built for marketing tax professionals that provides insight into a visceral marketing experience. Early on in the creation of we knew tax professionals did not have the time to market their tax services and some simply do not enjoy the marketing required to succeed in the tax profession. We knew we could provide a solution but it had to be different and much more than banner ads. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with neurolinguistics, it is the study of how our brains store knowledge and how we acquire and comprehend this information.

People have different ways they acquire and accept the information. For instance, there are visual people who are more motivated more to purchase when you use words like Read More

In a classic example of “be careful what you wish for,” the fictional Lt. Philip Nolan uttered these famous words during his treason trial as Aaron Burr’s accomplice, in Edward Everett Hale’s 1863 propaganda short story – “The Man Without A Country” (See Video Clip Below). As the narrative progresses, and Lt. Nolan is quite literally adrift on an ocean of uncertainty, he comes to realize the full implications of his bravado. While aboard the USS Levant, he dies alone in a tiny shrine dedicated to his faded memories of the United States.

Whether he knew it or not, Lt. Nolan fit the dictionary definition of “diaspora,” which is a people who have been scattered to multiple countries, but share a common longing for their homeland and an overwhelming urge to return. Jewish people are a classic Read More

Recently, I received a call from a tax lawyer who is a former Partner in a Big Four firm, a former Partner in a multinational Law Firm, and a VP Tax from a major multinational corporation. We were discussing the future of tax organizations and how the world is moving rapidly towards the emergence of greater virtual tax organizations. What is a virtual organization? According to Businessweek it is “a temporary network of independent organizations linked by IT to share skills, costs and access to one another’s markets”. As more tax organizations are distributed geographically and virtually coordinated through electronic communications, changes are inevitable. The rise of virtual tax organizations will lead the way to extraordinary opportunities in how we all conduct business.

Virtual tax organizations enable each party to gain increased access to specialized Read More

As a follow up to the very popular blog post “Corporate Tax Professionals Surprised By Stunning ‘Spans & Layers’ Report By Bain And Company“, I want to share with you several people sent me private emails commenting on the blog post because they did not want to post publicly. However, they wanted to acknowledge the article as something that hit a nerve for them.  One comment that covered the thoughts of many was “It is much harder in corporate these days as the expectation is to do much more work with much less in-house support.” Corporate tax leaders are often pushed to the limit in a more complex tax environment. As a result, the future Read More