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♦ Corporate Multinational Tax Departments Today- The Tax Provision (ASC 740/FAS 109)
Shamen Dugger, McGladrey LLP, San Francisco and San Jose, CA

♦ New And Upcoming National Nexus, The U.S. Congressional Marketplace Fairness Act
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Corporate Multinational Tax Departments


Gather in your conference rooms or at your desks to watch this presentation from Shamen Dugger at TaxConnections Internet Tax Summit on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 8:00AM (PST).  Learn from this tax expert about Tax Provision (ASC 740/FAS 109).

Introducing Tax Expert:                      (See Video Below)
Shamen Dugger, McGladrey LLP, San Francisco and San Jose, CA


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These are new times that require new ways of marketing tax services! We want you to meet two tax professionals who are leading the way, historically, in marketing tax expertise and education online. We are introducing Stuart Sobel and Shamen Dugger as the two individuals who made history by being the first two tax experts to market their tax education videos at to consumers and tax professionals. This is the beginning of the pay per view tax expertise online, on-demand.

The consumer comes to TaxConnections to find a tax professional and connect with them. What they soon discover is that tax questions they have are now being answered by tax education videos available at TaxConnections Tax Video Library. TaxConnections provides consumers free access to our tax professional members who subscribe to the site for Read More

It is a huge task to create a course in tax provision preparation that is interesting and easy to understand! That is exactly what Shamen Dugger does in her on demand video course now available at TaxConnections. Recently, I shared this on-demand Video course with lead Tax Executives of Fortune 500 multinationals. I told them, “Now you can have the staff in your own tax department pull up a chair and offer them a GREAT INSTRUCTOR on Tax Provision.” They were excited about Shamen’s on-demand tax provision video because they knew they did not have the time to teach this very important and highly specialized area of corporate tax. Shamen Dugger provides a solution to corporate Tax Directors by delivering an articulate, easy to understand course on how to accurately prepare a corporate tax provision. This course has been rated the highest by the Corporate Tax Read More

TaxConnections has made significant advances for tax professionals online. Our primary focus is driving new business that generates revenue for our members. During May 2014, we will release a feature that enables any of our members to upload and promote their training videos on their Tax Professional Profile page. As a preview of what is to come we encourage you to go to this link “PREVIEW” and take a look at our first member to go live with her tax expertise later this month. You can view Shamen Dugger’s Intro Video for ideas that will be very valuable in creating your very own video series. Shamen Dugger will be unveiling all of her tax training videos later this month so you have to wait for a couple more weeks to access her series on tax provision preparation. We are proud to have Shamen Dugger as a member of the TaxConnections community as she brings her extraordinary expertise Read More