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Family Had A Revocable Trust. The Trust Purchased A House And Used For Rental Property. Upon Death It Automatically Became An Irrevocable...
User Photo John Stancil
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Capital gains are not considered distributable net income and would be taxed at the trust level. If it is the last year of the trust, you should pass the tax on to the beneficiaries and let them deal with the...   Read More
I Have A 902 Question That Can Someone Clarify Please?
User Photo Brett Thompson, JD, CPA
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DISCLAIMER. This information should not, and is not, legal advice and is solely for purposes of discussion. Every fact pattern is unique. The law in this area changes rapidly and no representations are made as to...   Read More
What Are The Common Mistakes When Handling Sales And Use Tax In Colorado?
User Photo Alan Smith
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Here are some very common sales & use tax mistakes made when doing business in Colorado: 1) Failing to license with applicable home-rule cities 2) Not collecting Colorado State-collected jurisdictions' sales...   Read More
I Have A Question For A Specialist In International Taxation. Can The Tax Authority Of A Country That Has A Tax Treaty With The United...
User Photo Rajendra (Raaj) Singh, EA, MBA, MA
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Generally, the IRS will not release my tax information to anyone without a valid POA from me. Probably, the Department of Justice may have to be involved in serious criminal matters. The tax treaty may contain an...   Read More
If Pay Sales Tax On An Invoice, Can I Still Owe Use Tax?
User Photo Alan Smith
Tax Professional Level: Tax Enthusiast

Yes, you might still owe Use Tax even though you paid Sales Tax on your invoice. Your vendor might not have charge all the sales tax that you would have paid if the item was bought locally from a seller sharing...   Read More

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