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What Does Go Twilight Mean?

The meaning of the word twilight is partially dimmed or obscured. We teach you how to go twilight by dimming your personal information while illuminating your professional reputation online.

It is more valuable, than ever before, to have an online professional profile for business purposes on a site that does not track your every move! When you make the decision to go twilight, you make a decision to protect yourself from all big and small tech sites collecting your personal data and information.

If there was ever a time in your life you need to pay attention…now is the time! We make it easy for you to learn this very valuable information and provide solutions to implement as you work online today! You must learn about your digital footprint and how to increase your online privacy. We teach you how to work smarter online.

Time To Learn
The Truth!
Time To
Go Twilight!

Increase Your Business Success And Privacy Online

We believe professionals should have a business presence online, free from tracking their every move.

We benefit tax professionals and taxpayers by connecting them within an improved privacy ecosystem.

We focus on connecting site members with a steady stream of new clients and business opportunities.

We educate you on the great personal and professional costs using free sites collecting all your data.

We never engage in spidering, harvesting, or use spyware and bots designed to collect data from you.

We never manipulate members’ newsfeeds or embed manipulative algorithms as big tech sites now do.

We never sell members data and information and have respected our members privacy since inception.

We believe that our members face is their business and do not use facial recognition technology.

We educate you how to gain more control over your digital life in ways that increase your privacy.

We have no political agenda, and no one can pay us to target you with theirs! We are non-partisan.

Lesson One – Apps Are Taking All Your Data And Information

One of the best ways to keep your information and personal data private is to avoid Apps. When you consent to sharing your data with Apps, you are also allowing App Developers to collect your data and sell it to third parties.

Data marketing firms convince developers to include trackers in their Apps. Companies offer App developers cash in exchange for a few lines of code called SDK or “Software Development Kit” secretly placed into their Apps which makes it easy for developers to evade detection. Data trackers are tucked away in the Apps codebase. Developers can share App User data by uploading your information into their private servers.

Because data collection for purposes of advertising is either disclosed in long-winded privacy policies or not at all; it is difficult to tell which Apps have trackers and which do not have trackers. However, you can guarantee nearly all types of Apps include tracking of your personal data. In fact, many Apps will harvest your data even if you deny permissions.

App Developers are often approached with pay for data schemes. When App Developers place a SDK line of code in an App, they generate revenue for each 1,000 users of the App data. If you have 1M active monthly users at $4 per thousand, you gain $4,000 per month revenue.

The Apps that collect the most personal data from you tend to be ones where You are the focus. The top Apps collecting information on you include: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, CVS Pharmacy, NHS Covid 19 Testing, Credit Karma, Ebay, Deliveroo, Tesco, Uber, Spotify, Strava, Walmart, Amazon, Netflix, My Fitness Pal, Jet2, PayPal, Tinder, and more with Facebook being the biggest grabber of your data of them all!

Make certain to check settings on your mobile phone for Apps since all these are collecting your personal information and data. Your cell phone is a walking data and information collector about every move you make.

Here Is The Lesson Plan For You! The Information Is Stunning!

The Creepy Line (YouTube Video) (Time: 1:20:53)
(A Must-See Video For Anyone Working On The Net)

NSA Goal Is Total Population Control (William Binney, Former NSA Director, YouTube Video) (Time: 15:39)
(How The IRS Knows About Everything You Do And How They Use The Information In Court)

How Social Media Ruins Your Life (Jaron Lanier, YouTube Video) (Time 21:00)

How Your Cell Phone Spies On You (Snowden, YouTube Video) (Time : 24:15)

Why You Should Dump Your Apple And Google Phone (Rob Braxman, YouTube Video) (Time: 20:08)

What’s Wrong With Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Protonmail, Tutanota? (Rob Braxman, You Tube Video) (Time: 16:52)

Angry At Big Tech? The Other Shoe Has Not Dropped (Worse Things Coming)
(Rob Braxman, YouTube Video) (Time: 20:24)

Is My Phone Listening To Me? (WWK TV, YouTube Video) (Time: 6:33)

Social Dilemma (Watch Movie On Netflix) (Time: 1:34)

CIA Is Investing In Firms That Mine Your Tweets And Instagram (Article)

Social Media Is A Tool Of The CIA Using Facebook, Twitter and Google (Article)

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