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I Do Surveys And Videos To Make Extra Cash In My Spare Time. How Much Can I Earn Before I Have To File Taxes?
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Any amount of income from the activity is subject to income tax, so if your total income exceeds the threshold for filing you must file a return. An additional factor is self-employment tax. If your net profit as...   Read More
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What Is The Latest Legislative Status On The Hill In Connection To The Research And Experimentation Tax Credit?
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On Wednesday, May 20th The House of Representatives passed H.R. 880 entitled the “American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2015” by a vote of 274-145 and H.R. 1806 entitled the “America Competes...   Read More
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Line B. Qualified Tuition Programs (529 Plans or Programs) If in 2014, you contributed more than $14,000 to a Qualified Tuition Plan (QTP) on behalf of any one person, you may elect to treat up to $70,000 of...   Read More
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When you say the K-1 shows positive capital, are you looking at Line J in Part 2 on the first page? It is possible that you could have a negative tax capital account, even though you have an overall positive tax...   Read More
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Yes, you should have included their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), including any social security benefits, on line 2b. Line 2a is for your MAGI, which would include any non-taxable social security that you...   Read More
User Photo John Stancil
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No. Section 529 plans can only be used for qualified education expenses for postsecondary education, either graduate or graduate. The list of qualified expenses for a 529 plan is expanded from the education tax...   Read More
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