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Is the proposed FTT (Financial Transactions Tax) likely to see the light of day?
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Answered by Howard Liebman
The FTT seems to be bogged down right now, especially in view of the upcoming European elections and the case brought against it by the UK on...   Read More
Comments (0) 4 days ago, Belgium
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Can we expect to see more movement and progress as regards European-wide tax harmonization?
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Answered by Howard Liebman
My own personal prognosis is that  EU tax harmonization will slow down over the next five years, at least as regards the legislative side of...   Read More
Comments (0) 4 days ago, Belgium
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I have heard that Luxembourg intends to follow Belgium in enacting a Notional Interest Deduction regime. is that true? What are the details and when can we expect to see it?
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Answered by Howard Liebman
This was in fact the case, although precise details were never released.  Unfortunately for corporate taxpayers (although perhaps fortunately...   Read More
Comments (0) 4 days ago, Luxembourg
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What is: 1)the cheapest, 2)fastest, and 3)easiest route to either get a driver's licence or passport certified in order to fill out a W7? What documents are required to go with a W7 form?
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Answered by Rianne Greene
A W7 form is a form you fill out in order to request an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, if and only if you do not have a Social...   Read More
Comments (0) 1 week ago, Florida, USA
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