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TaxConnections Marketplace
Where Professional Members Earn Revenue

What is TaxConnections Marketplace?

TaxConnections Marketplace is two-sided digital marketplace exchange where sellers of tax, financial and legal research, analysis, opinions, information, and ideas interact with buyers of their expertise.

How will I benefit as a participant in TaxConnections Marketplace?

When selling tax expertise and services, it is important to connect with a steady stream of prospective new clients. Uploading your research and expertise creates a wonderful opportunity to explain the issues in a way that builds trust for your expertise. This also encourages prospective clients to reach out to you to handle their tax advisory needs.

Who are the sellers in TaxConnections Marketplace?

Sellers are TaxConnections Professional Members who have a paid membership subscription. Sellers of expertise uploaded into our digital marketplace can be an individual or a firm.

What if I am an individual tax professional working for a firm? Can I be a Seller?

If you are a full-time employee of the firm, uploading your expertise into TaxConnections Marketplace is your way of generating increased revenue and billable hours for your firm.

Who are the buyers in TaxConnections Marketplace?

Buyers are people who visit and search through TaxConnections Marketplace for answers, solutions, ideas, and deep research on tax, financial and legal questions. Buyers want immediate access to answers on a wide range of tax issues 24/7. Our Professional Members provide buyers with valuable expertise and resources.

We market our Professional Members content to a steady stream of prospective buyers that include small, medium, and large business enterprises, business executives, high-net worth individuals, and tax professionals at all levels who seek the advice of tax colleagues.

Can I be a seller and a buyer in TaxConnections Marketplace?

Yes, most certainly.

Why sell my expertise in TaxConnections Marketplace?

You generate an audience of buyers who are willing to pay you for your expertise. As they download and pay for content you created, you build trust for your services. Trust is what motivates people to buy your professional services.

How much do I earn selling my expertise in TaxConnections Marketplace?

TaxConnections Marketplace pays the sellers of content 55% of revenue generated less transaction fees and taxes.

What type of content can I upload into TaxConnections Marketplace?

TaxConnections Marketplace members can upload documents, power points, videos, and audios to sell to buyers

What if the tax laws change after I have published content in TaxConnections Marketplace?

We expect this to happen frequently. This is the reason we have a publication uploaded date and also provide for you to update the document with a newly modified and updated one. Additionally, we insist that every document have a disclaimer on the content to protect all parties for the dissemination of inaccurate or out of date information.

What do I charge for the content uploaded into TaxConnections Marketplace?

Professional Members determine the price of each piece of content they upload for sale. Content for sale can be listed as Complimentary, Under $10, $10-$25, $26-$50, $51-$75, $76-$100, $100-$200, $200-$500,$500-$1000, $1000-$2500, $2500+. If your content is not selling in a certain price point, you can edit and modify your content to another price point.

Why is there an initial setup fee to get my resources uploaded into the Marketplace?

We have learned from experience it takes time for the initial setup. Once you have a paid Professional Membership subscription, we will follow up to determine if you want to upload content into TaxConnections Marketplace.

We spend a good deal of time consulting with and educating you on the type of content that we believe will be successful in TaxConnections Marketplace. Our first goal is assisting you in being successful in the marketplace. We also recommend title changes to draw the most attention to your content upload and to increase sales revenue generation.

We charge a one-time only set up fee. Once the setup fee is paid ($2,500) we advise members on multiple matters including how to build resources that will sell, ideas based on market demand; titles that attract buyers, trending hot topics, and much more. We also offer a monthly payment plan of $250 X 12 over months for those needing a payment plan option.

We spend time working with you to organize ideas regarding your content publications and will upload your first pieces of content for you; and we will show you how to upload content to sell; we market your uploaded content for you; and be there to support your success. After you are fully set up the first year, you only need to pay the annual $299.95 membership subscription fee thereafter. You will be on your way to generating revenue for your professional expertise.

How will I get paid?

We have you set up a bank account deposit number, or preferred method so we can make distributions to you.

Is there a TaxConnections Marketplace Contract to sign?

There is no contract to sign to sell your expertise into TaxConnections Marketplace. However, you must be a paid Professional Member to maintain your annual subscription membership. You must also pay the one time only setup fee as this covers our consulting with you to improve your success.

Is there any Agreement to sign in TaxConnections Marketplace?

All members must agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Copyright Laws.

Is there a TaxConnections Guarantee?

We guarantee to help you get your content in TaxConnections Marketplace. If you upload content that is of no interest to our visitors, we cannot guarantee sales. We do guarantee we will market your content and expertise for sale in TaxConnections Marketplace.

How do you market my content in TaxConnections Marketplace?

We have multiple ways to market your professional expertise in TaxConnections Marketplace. This includes direct messaging visitors who have an interest in the expertise you have uploaded; distributions in our blog content on topics now available in the Marketplace, distribution on our social media platforms of your content, and much more. We also make it easy for you to forward your Marketplace content to prospective clients asking for information on the subject matter. We believe taxpayers should pay for your time and tax, financial and legal expertise.

Do you require a Disclaimer in content we upload into TaxConnections Marketplace?

Yes, we require all content have a disclaimer on it.

For example: “Any information provided by [Your Company Name] does not constitute legal or accounting advice. The information provided by [Your Company Name] is based on historical experience. For official advice, please reach out to your tax advisor and or legal counsel. The receipt of information contained in this document, in whole or in part, does not constitute or create a client relationship between us.”

What about Copyright Laws?

It is the responsibility of the owner of the content to report infringement in order to have the copyrighted infringement removed from our site. We ask that you first contact the member responsible for the infringement and ask them to take down the content first. TaxConnections Marketplace complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and does not arbitrate over copyright infringement.

How do I get started in TaxConnections Marketplace?

We will then send you an invite to schedule a consultation to help you get started to develop and upload content to TaxConnections Marketplace.

TaxConnections is now accepting members who want to participate in the official launch of TaxConnections Marketplace by YE 2021. Get in on top of our algorithm with your specialty tax and financial expertise.
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