What Is TaxConnections?

TaxConnections is a platform designed to provide a sophisticated online presence for tax professionals. We offer connections and marketing services for professionals who want to engage with executives at large to medium sized corporations, partnerships, closely held corporations, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Our members consist of tax experts in public accounting firms, legal firms, independent tax services firms, corporations, software companies, government and academia worldwide.

Our Unique Story

TaxConnections grew out of our track record of stellar performances in executive search services for Fortune 500 to Fortune 5000 companies. For over three decades, our CEO Kat Jennings studied how tax professionals with a similar set of technical tax skills would attain very different levels of success in their tax careers. What was the difference? The difference was how a tax professional promoted themselves throughout their careers that made the most difference in their success.

As technology evolved, Kat was inspired to build a platform exclusively for the tax community who required specialized marketing services. She developed technology that connects tax professionals with organizations and individuals needing a wide range of tax expertise. TaxConnections technology was developed to execute on more disciplined marketing strategies for tax professionals.

TaxConnections Mission

TaxConnections mission is to help tax professionals connect with a steady stream of new clients and opportunities. We introduce you to prospective clients and employers by providing the most cutting edge marketing technology available today. We also research, identify and train you on innovative technology that will advance your business knowledge and software skills in the profession.

Why Our Marketing Technique Works

While mass marketing advertising campaigns are what most people use these days, it is only because it is all they know. TaxConnections is the future of marketing services with the technology we developed. We know what works and share these techniques and technology with our membership subscribers. When you market your services through TaxConnections, you are the leaders in the profession!

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