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Information On Investor Opportunity

Market We Address
Major early growth opportunities enable you invest in disruptive platforms. The tax industry is facing the most competitive marketplace in U.S. history. With more jurisdictions taxing businesses and individuals worldwide, the greater the need for a wide range of available tax and financial expertise. Today, tax professionals are required to raise their profile, showcase their talent, and cultivate brand awareness to be competitive. TaxConnections provides the leading niche industry business networking platform serving the best interests of the tax and financial profession.

Our Solution
TaxConnections brings together the world’s leading tax professionals on to one platform with relevant content, effective communication tools, and enhanced profiles that increase visibility and generate business opportunities in the tax industry unlike anything else on the market. Tax and financial professionals desire high quality content, relevant industry connections and a strong referral network.

TaxConnections addresses these issues by raising the visibility of our members, generating quality content and information, and connections with tax and financial members that can be verified. This in turn, creates better business networking opportunities, and advertising interest by tax and financial companies who desire greater marketplace potential. TaxConnections members in an organic Google search are listed second after LinkedIn. However, TaxConnections visitors can email our members and see their full professional profiles for free.

Our Competitive Edge
Our competitive advantage will come through our reputation for higher quality presentation of tax professional members, focused niche tax industry content, and the growing interest from advertisers who desire to promote products and services to the tax professional and tax legal community globally.

We also offer a virtual office address in the cloud for each of our members. The current iteration of our virtual office organizes each member’s preferred links so they can access them easily from their cell phones. The next iteration will deliver to our member’s virtual office open tax jobs that match their tax skills and expertise. Our ultimate goal is to provide a Four Seasons type customer experience so tax professionals no longer waste valuable time looking all over the web searching for open tax jobs. This will reduce the stress tax professionals experience while in transition during a full time or interim tax job search.

Another advantage is our proprietary patent pending technology is easily converted to any business vertical. We have multiple applications and uses we can license our technology for multiple niche business verticals.

Disclaimer. This is not an offering for the sale of securities, which may be made in the future only to Accredited Investors and in compliance with U.S. SEC Regulation D, Rule 506(c).

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