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TaxConnections Guidelines

TaxConnections promotes a professional environment where all participants on our site can present ideas and opinions on a wide range of tax matters. We genuinely appreciate the professionalism demonstrated and extended to our site visitors and contributors.


TaxConnections genuinely appreciates the tax professionals who contribute to our site to answer tax questions, post tax blogs and participate in the forum for our visitors to view. We welcome your contributions to our website. Our goal is to foster an informed environment that supports the interaction of consumers and tax professionals with a world of tax knowledge and expertise.
TaxConnections does not take responsibility for any tax advice provided by the tax professionals on this site. You understand that by using this site it is your sole responsibility to seek professional advice from a licensed tax professional before making any decisions on tax matters. It is also your sole responsibility to verify the licensing credentials of any person you may encounter on this site. This can be accomplished by contacting the appropriate city, state, country licensing boards. It is your sole responsibility to verify all information presented on any tax professional profile you see on this site.

Consumer Members names are never posted when they ask tax questions or post questions to the open forum. We want people to be comfortable asking tax questions. Consumer Members are encouraged to visit often and ask as many tax questions as they like.

Tax Professional Members who subscribe to this site are the only persons allowed to answer tax questions. We follow this guideline to support higher quality answers for our site visitors. We post the names of tax professionals when they answer tax questions.

We ask that you do not advertise or solicit in the ask tax questions, tax blog or forum areas of the site. TaxConnections rewards tax professionals by promoting those who participate and help our site visitors. Tax Professionals receive substantial credit and recognition for answering tax questions, posting tax blogs and participating in our forum. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any commercial solicitations or links you may post.

Links added to a question/answer, a blog post or forum questions or responses will be redirected to your Tax Professional Profile page. Often we may need to remove links as they may be broken or disrupt the site. We recommend you add relevant documents to your Tax Library as this improves your site ranking.

We encourage you to be respectful when offering a different point of view and refer to the Tax Code Section when you offer your interpretation.

Every message you post in the ask tax questions, tax blog or forum can be read, used and reproduced by all. Upon submitting a post on the site, you have submitted a post TaxConnections reserves the right to hold a copy of indefinitely. We ask that you not post any insulting, offensive or hostile content to this site. We welcome intelligent, helpful and informative discussion on your posts.

We ask you not to post any personal information such as home address, bank information, credit card information, social security number or any passwords on the site. Tax professionals should be contacted directly from information provided by TaxConnections.

We appreciate your compliance with TaxConnections Guidelines. While we support free speech for all, we reserve the right to monitor and remove inappropriate posts that do not respect these guidelines. Failure to follow these Guidelines may result in termination of your membership.

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