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TaxConnections has invited Nick Frank to teach four 30 minute lessons on ASC740 under the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. If you have ever attended one of his webinars, you know he figured out how to make the tax provision easier to do. Nick takes a complex subject and divides it into easy to understand lessons in these 30 minute presentations. His scores have all been rated 95-100% by attendees so you definitely want to register to learn ASC 740 from him in these 4 complimentary webinar sessions.

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Webinar- ASC 740 Stock Compensation

TaxConnections invites corporate tax professionals and tax professionals in public accounting serving corporate clients to attend this complimentary webinar with Tax Reform updates and the tax provision “ASC 740 Stock Compensation And Sec 162m”.

Hosted by leading tax provision expert Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO you will guided you through these issues Friday, October 19th 2018.

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By Leading Expert On ASC 740 Stock Compensation And Sec162m


Date: Thursday November 9th 2017

Time: 9:00AM PDT/10:00AM MT/11:00AM CT/12:00 NOON EST/5:00PM GMT London

You may be like most- overwhelmed with all the corporate tax and finance software- now is the time to understand how to make sense of it all. On Thursday, November 9th, TaxConnections is hosting a  COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR that corporate tax management teams will benefit from attending on tax technology. Join us to learn how to weave together your corporate tax and finance software!

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If you are having trouble landing new high-value, pay-in-advance clients, we invite you to learn from one of the best tax practice trainers in the industry. Michael Rozbruch, an expert and pioneer in the tax resolution industry, is sharing the strategies that propelled him to the top through this unique web training session. The knowledge gained during this webinar will help you along your journey to becoming a top tax professional.

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If you have ever met Michael Rozbruch, you will understand why everyone gets so excited attending one of his webinars. Michael is inviting you to attend his next LIVE TRAINING session for free! There are a limited number of seats available for tax advisers who want to learn how to attract highly qualified clients to your tax practice. This training is 100% free and available from anywhere you have access to the internet. You must act now to save your spot as the technology restrictions limit the number of complimentary online attendees.


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