Complimentary Webinar Thursday November 9th: Does Your Corporate Tax Department Have Multiple Tax Software Programs? Want To Know How To Make Them Work Together?

Date: Thursday November 9th 2017

Time: 9:00AM PDT/10:00AM MT/11:00AM CT/12:00 NOON EST/5:00PM GMT London

You may be like most- overwhelmed with all the corporate tax and finance software- now is the time to understand how to make sense of it all. On Thursday, November 9th, TaxConnections is hosting a  COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR that corporate tax management teams will benefit from attending on tax technology. Join us to learn how to weave together your corporate tax and finance software!

Geoff Peck and Bill Wilson of Pawpaw Technology will provide an enlightening complimentary course to help you understand. Many are selling you tax software but few know how to put it all together. Join us for this complimentary webinar and learn what is really happening with corporate tax departments struggling with multiple tax software technologies. You will gain invaluable information to get yourself ahead of the pack in knowing the best moves to make while dealing with multiple tax software packages.

PawPaw Technology is not here to sell you any tax software; they are here to guide you and make sense of the complicated software your tax and finance departments currently possess!

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