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ASC 740: What You Need To Do Before Year End

Free ASC 740 Webinar

What do you need to do in order to be ready for ASC 740 before year end December 31st 2019? Join us in this highly targeted complimentary training webinar by leading tax reporting expert.

Learn from leading ASC 740 expert Nick Frank during this quick and targeted webinar presentation what you need to look out for on ASC740 before year end. Nick will share with you what the auditors are looking for and what you need to prepare for now!

Be ready for year end as thinking and guidance has evolved around the impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

ASC 740 Be Ready for Year End – What you need to know on Dec 13, 2019 10:00 AM CST STARTS!



Last Day To Register For Complimentary Tax Provision Webinar: ASC 740 Be Ready for Q1 – What You Need To Know

Tax Webinar - Nick Frank
COURSE: ASC 740 Be Ready for Q1 – What You Need To Know
DATE: Friday, March 22, 2019
TIME: 11:00AM EST/10:00AM CT/9:00AM MT/8:00AM PSTQ1 is right around the corner. Be ready for it with an overview of the interim tax accounting rules and other important topics like the new GAAP lease accounting standard. Nick Frank is an internationally recognized expert on the corporate tax provision. Prior to founding Tax Prodigy, Nick was employed by a large multinational and a Big Four Firm. Given his responsibility for the tax provision, Nick found much of the tax software difficult to use and a challenge to understand. Nick had one goal in mind and this was to simplify the tax provision process and make it as easy as an Excel Sheet to understand. Learn why Fortune 1000 companies are saying Nick Frank is making the tax provision process easy for them.
Join This Tax Provision Webinar to learn how to simplify the tax provision!

ASC 740 Stock Compensation And Sec 162m – Complimentary Webinar For Tax Professionals – Friday October 19th 2018

Webinar- ASC 740 Stock Compensation

TaxConnections invites corporate tax professionals and tax professionals in public accounting serving corporate clients to attend this complimentary webinar with Tax Reform updates and the tax provision “ASC 740 Stock Compensation And Sec 162m”.

Hosted by leading tax provision expert Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO you will guided you through these issues Friday, October 19th 2018.

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By Leading Expert On ASC 740 Stock Compensation And Sec162m


Corporate Tax Provision: Want To Know What Financial Statement Auditors Have Increased Their Focus On?

Webinar, Corporate Tax Provision

(Complimentary Webinar – Friday, July 20th 2018 at 8:00AM PDT)

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable corporate tax provision instructors in the country.  TaxConnections brings you another webinar on the corporate tax provision with Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO as the instructor. 

With the enactment of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act there are three areas that tax professionals need to prepare and focus on since there is increased focus from auditors. We know this because we are talking to companies who are informing us of these trends. Here are three areas Nick will prepare you for given the increased attention by the Auditors on them:

  1. Uncertain Tax Benefits – Expect more uncertain tax benefits arising from the uncertainty around the operation of the new law.
  2. States – States are going to be more significant and there will be more variation between states as they adopt different parts of the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act.
  3. SOX Controls – For most companies, the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act will cause the most significant changes in the process ever. Companies need to demonstrate that adequate controls are in place and that changes were made appropriately and accurately.

This complimentary webinar is specifically for corporate tax professionals or for tax professionals in CPA firms doing the tax provision as an outsourced provider. Attend this webinar and you  will more prepared than other professionals who will be scrambling to catch up later this year.

Register Here To Attend The Complimentary Webinar On Friday July 20th 2018

Time: 8:00AM PDT/9:00AM MT/10:00AM CT/11:00AM EST

If you are unable to make webinar this Friday, please register and we will keep you informed of future dates.


LAST CHANCE to Join Today’s Webinar! Plus, The 2017-18 ‘Technology in Tax’ Watershed

Complimentary Webinar starts TODAY at 9:00AM PDT/10:00AM MT/11:00AM CT/12:00 NOON EST/5:00PM GMT London

We are aware that many tax professionals are concerned about the pace of change in the industry. There is a growing inter-dependence between tax and technology that may soon mean one cannot be considered without the other. New regulatory initiatives, like BEPS, already assume this.

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Tax Experts Wanted For High End Clientele

You are invited to “Tax Experts Wanted For High End Clientele,” a complimentary webinar.  Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO discusses our new mobile launch of Tax Experts Panel introduces you to executives of organizations around the world.

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Increase Professional Success With TaxConnections—Webinar Today May 24th

You are cordially invited to tour with your host Kat Jennings, TaxConnections CEO. We have created technology that provides you the highest quality professional presentation online; where no one pays to send you a message; where tax professional members acquire new clients and tax jobs; where we are building Virtual Tax Offices; where we really care about bringing our members the best resources available in the tax profession. Most of all, come to learn the secrets others do not want you to know – I will back it with proof! TaxConnections will improve your professional life and opportunities. This webinar is a real wake-up call on your journey to success.

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Complimentary Webinar For Tax Professionals The 5 Secrets To A Million Dollar Tax Resolution Practice

If you have ever met Michael Rozbruch, you will understand why everyone gets so excited attending one of his webinars. Michael is inviting you to attend his next LIVE TRAINING session for free! There are a limited number of seats available for tax advisers who want to learn how to attract highly qualified clients to your tax practice. This training is 100% free and available from anywhere you have access to the internet. You must act now to save your spot as the technology restrictions limit the number of complimentary online attendees.


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