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Tax Professionals: The High Importance Of Building Trust With Your Brand

Tax Professionals: The High Importance Of Building Trust With Your Brand

The most important business activity for tax professionals is building trust for their tax brand online. Everyone in the tax profession must now build trust consistently online to succeed. Trust is built over time and it requires strategy…a very consistent strategy. We built a tax network to make it easier to build trust in your tax expertise. There are certain actions you must take to build trust and this is the focus of this article.

Yesterday, I received a call from a highly respected client of a brand everyone in the world knows. Their product is ubiquitous, it is found everywhere. What he told me made my day. He said. “Kat, I have only known you from the tax search you did for our company but I did not see your site until today. What a great site as I am searching to find a tax expert for myself.” Needless to say, having received this confirmation for all the work we have accomplished for the tax community from a man I greatly respect was a welcome event. We want to tell the world what TaxConnections has been doing to connect tax professionals with CEOs, CFOs, VPs Tax in large corporate multinationals, medium and small businesses, family offices, private equity firms, hedge funds, financial planners and much more.

What we do on our tax network is build trust in a tax professional’s specialty tax expertise. For people to trust your brand they need to see you, and experience what you are communicating and how you are interacting with others. Today this interaction is primarily online. This is the only way to establish a trusted relationship. How are you interacting with others? We discovered the best way to build trust is to raise a tax professionals visibility online (we do that), interact with others who have questions and need answers (we do that), post and distribute our members blogs(we do that); market, promote and distribute our members webinars and events (we do that) and drive our members professionals profiles into the world of visitors searching for them. Just like the Fortune 500 VP Executive told me he was looking to find a tax expert for his personal return (he now knows we do that).

You must be accessible to the people searching for your tax expertise…this means you advertise your tax expertise online. If you are on a generalist site that expects people to pay to see your profile and send a message then I guarantee you… opportunities are passing you by. Accessibility is a major part of building trust for your tax expertise. If people are unable to find you and connect with you easily online, you will lose business opportunities. The success of your tax and career is the ability of people to find you and get to know your personal brand online.

You need to present your online professional profile in the highest quality manner. We recognize many people need help presenting themselves online and we offer private instruction and services on improving your professional profile. The way you present yourself online builds trust and is very important. We offer online makeover services to our members who request this extra service.

Another aspect of building trust is consistency. You need to have consistency by offering blogs, answering questions, and engaging with other professionals in our tax network. This will get you noticed far above competitors for your tax expertise. Consistency keeps your tax brand in front of a steady stream of prospective clients and more business opportunities. The more consistent you are the better the results for your future online.

When people see you consistently on TaxConnections,they come to you first as the tax expert they have come to know and discover online.

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Kat Jennings, CEO

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