Trusted Tax Professionals

According to research by psychologists, Trust is a central part of any human relationship. Trust is a belief that a person will act and behave in certain ways. Trust in a person means that you have a feeling of confidence and security that you can depend on a particular individual. Trust is the number one characteristic desired in a tax advisor. Trust is what everyone searches for when hiring a tax professional to handle your personal information. Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something. Given challenges in the world today, the most valuable asset you can offer is trust!

Trust takes time to build. Relationships take time to build; finding people you trust is what we search for in our most valued relationships. We are taking this time to identify the people we know who are trusted to do a great job for taxpayers. Taxes are complex today. It is challenging time for tax experts and taxpayers to understand the new tax rules and legislation thrust upon us each year. Taxpayers need access to trusted tax experts in the profession. For the purposes of this blog post, we have three goals:

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Tax Professionals: The High Importance Of Building Trust With Your Brand

The most important business activity for tax professionals is building trust for their tax brand online. Everyone in the tax profession must now build trust consistently online to succeed. Trust is built over time and it requires strategy…a very consistent strategy. We built a tax network to make it easier to build trust in your tax expertise. There are certain actions you must take to build trust and this is the focus of this article.

Yesterday, I received a call from a highly respected client of a brand everyone in the world knows. Their product is ubiquitous, it is found everywhere. What he told me made my day. He said. “Kat, I have only known you from the tax search you did for our company but I did not see your site until today. What a great site as I am searching to find a tax expert for myself.” Needless to say, having received this confirmation for all the work we have accomplished for the tax community from a man I greatly respect was a welcome event. We want to tell the world what TaxConnections has been doing to connect tax professionals with CEOs, CFOs, VPs Tax in large corporate multinationals, medium and small businesses, family offices, private equity firms, hedge funds, financial planners and much more.
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