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Ireland’s Plan To Close A “Double Irish” Tax Loophole Could Cost Google And Apple Billions of Dollars

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Following pressure from the United States and EU, the Dublin government said it planned to change a rule underpinning this system which allows a company to be registered in Ireland but not resident there for tax purposes. In his budget, Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan has also announced changes to the intellectual property tax regime in the hope of keeping Ireland an attractive destination for business.

Ireland’s plan to close a “Double Irish” tax loophole could cost U.S. companies including Apple and Google billions of dollars. Analysts and tax advisers predict that corporations which need access to the EU’s 500 million consumers will find it difficult to set up equally effective schemes in other member states. Read more

Australia’s G20 Presidency To Target Transnational Enterprise Profit Shifting

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A spokeswoman for Australia’s Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos has indicated that tax-base erosion and profit shifting will be a key focus of the G20 during Australia’s Presidency.

In this connection, speaking before he left for this week’s Davos conference, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said “We want to … try to ensure we have less leaky national taxation systems”.

Commentators have variously encouraged the Prime Minister to push for the publication of taxable incomes of transnational companies by local tax authorities, seek a global solution to the perceived problem and to work within the OECD tax treaty framework to Read more

Nexus – When Are You “Doing Business” In A State Or A Country?

Google is one of the biggest collection of companies in the world. Wisely, Google has divided itself into many companies to deal with the different tax laws not only in the Fifty United States but in dealing with worldwide taxes. By using proper tax planning, Google is effectively avoiding taxes in many countries.

In order to be subject to taxation in a given country, a business must have “Nexus” in that country. The word Nexus comes from the same root as “connection”. Typically that means a company must have an actual physical presence in the country.

Google has been very wise in its tax planning. It has its main business in Bermuda, a low tax country, and in the Republic of Ireland, also a low tax country. Google has set up a separate entity in the United Kingdom as a “technology and marketing” company. The idea is that technical services are performed by the UK subsidiary as well Read more