TaxConnections Free Webinars – February 16 & 17

Kat Jennings

TaxConnections is committed to bringing you the best information about improving your tax business. Over the years, we have hosted many opportunities to our members to build the connections and gain the knowledge they need to succeed.

TaxConnections is partnering with two professionals in the field of networking in order to offer free webinars to help you grow your business.

Web Traffic Boost

Join TaxConnections for a webinar focusing on increasing SEO for your tax business.

Driving More Web Traffic To Your Business – SEO For Tax Professionals

Thursday, February 16, 2017 3:00 pm

Andre Weyher is the head of Digital Marketing at Practice Ignition. He has 11 years experience in digital marketing, built up at Google where he was part of the (in)famous Search Quality team – these are the people who actually decide which websites rank in the organic search results!

After leaving Google he specialized in the professional service sector and joined the top Australian online law firm LegalVision as head of Marketing. During his time at LegalVision Andre increased web traffic from 35 visits per day to 3500 visits per day, using a few simple and effective techniques. During the webinar Andre will share these techniques with the audience and tell you how to do your own SEO, increase relevant traffic and grow your business.

For the webinar, we are going to cover topics which include:

– Google and how it chooses which sites to rank.
– The difference between paid and organic search.
– Choosing which channel to invest in.
– Optimizing your site for organic search.
– Writing content for organic search.
– Generating leads from content.
– Turning your knowledge into traffic and revenue.
– Q&A.

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Using Video For Your Tax Business

Please join us for a special Tax Connections Webinar,


Friday, February 17, 2017 1:00 pm

Join Tax Connection’s partner Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc., addressing topics such as:

—Why Video?
—The Various Uses for Video…Lead Generation, Social and More!
—Best Practices for Video Development, Production and Deployment.

Understanding and using video is a powerful tool to have for your business. Looking at past trends, 2016 seems to be a huge year for using video. it has been reported that 61% of businesses in the United States have started using video as a form of marketing. About 66% of these business did not use video in 2015.

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As TaxConnections CEO, Kat Jennings founded the leading tax platform connecting tax professionals and taxpayers worldwide. TaxConnections blogs educate tax professionals and taxpayers on the impact of tax laws affecting citizens all over the world.

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