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As a small CPA firm, nothing hurts worse than losing a trusted client to a larger firm offering wealth management services. It’s frustrating and it hurts your bottom line. You’d love to round out your service offerings with investment, insurance, and financial planning. But you’re too strapped for time and resources to figure out the details.

So, what do you do?

Join me in this exclusive webinar as I reveal the most efficient way to offer wealth management services as a small CPA firm. (Hint: it’s not expensive or time-consuming.)

I’ve spent 30+ years in the financial services industry watching trusted CPAs lose clients to larger firms that don’t always have the best intentions. In this webinar, I’ll walk you through how you can compete with larger firms (and keep all those clients you love) without breaking the bank.

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You are invited to a complimentary ASC 740 training session which  is about 30 minutes in length and will cover various facets of state taxes including separate versus unitary states, state modifications under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, state NOLs and state uncertain tax benefits.

Webinar: ASC 740 The Basics – Perms, Temps, NOLs And Credits

Date: Friday, July 19, 2019

Time: 12:00PM EST/11:00AM CT/10:00AM MT/9:00AM PST



Free Webinar

TaxConnections has invited Nick Frank to teach four 30 minute lessons on ASC740 under the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. If you have ever attended one of his webinars, you know he figured out how to make the tax provision easier to do. Nick takes a complex subject and divides it into easy to understand lessons in these 30 minute presentations. His scores have all been rated 95-100% by attendees so you definitely want to register to learn ASC 740 from him in these 4 complimentary webinar sessions.

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Free Webinar- ASC 740 In Depth

Register To Attend Friday, May 31, 2019

Starts: 11:00AM EST/10:00AM CT/9:00AM MT/8:00AM PDT


This course will discuss is an in depth discussion of valuation allowances including evaluating positive and negative evidence, impacts on the tax rates and interim implications.

As a nationally recognized expert on tax provision, Nick makes the tax provision process simple for corporate tax professionals and public accounting firms. You no longer need to pay for expensive and complicated tax provision software or someone to spend hours doing the calculations. As a tax provision expert, Nick teaches you a simple way to complete the tax provision.

Tax Prodigy is being implemented in Fortune 1000 tax departments and public accounting firms nationally and internationally. Tax Prodigy tax provision software is super easy to understand; it can be up and implemented in a multinational corporation in less than thirty days; and it is super affordable.




Tax Provision Webinar - Complimentary

Q1 is right around the corner! Be ready for Q1 with an overview of the interim tax accounting rules and other important topics like the new GAAP lease accounting standard. Internationally recognized tax provision expert Nick Frank will walk you through what you need to know about tax reform and the tax provision.
Recently, we asked Nick what happened with Tax Reform and the corporate tax provision. What he shared with us privately is what the auditors are identifying in the tax provision under the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. Learn what the auditors are saying regarding your readiness for the tax provision audit.

You will benefit from attending this COMPLIMENTARY SESSION. 

ASC 740 Be Ready For Q1 – What You Need To Know – March 22nd  2019



Tax Webinar- Corporate International Tax Provision

Complimentary International Tax Provision Webinar

Friday, November 2nd 2018

ASC 740 International Under The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

A provision for income taxes is the estimated amount that a business or individual taxpayer expects to pay in income taxes for the current year. The proportional size of a corporate tax provision can vary significantly from corporation to corporation, based on their tax planning abilities.

The provision for income taxes on an income statement is the amount of income taxes a company estimates it will pay in a given year. Typically, this is represented quarterly with each earnings report on the company’s income statement. Income taxes are paid annually, but businesses will generally pay their estimated tax quarterly.

The corporate tax provision is something that CFOs and their corporate tax executives take seriously. The key for corporate executive management teams is to maintain an open and ethical relationship with the IRS, stay within the law and implement tax savings strategies that minimize taxes and increase profits.

International tax savings strategies that set up companies in countries in lower tax jurisdictions, including acquisitions of a company in a foreign jurisdiction to lower tax rates gain a lot of attention from the IRS and foreign auditors. Understanding the international tax provision under tax reform is what this webinar is all about. You are invited to attend a complimentary webinar on international tax provision by leading international corporate tax provision expert Nick Frank.

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ASC 740 International Under The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act