Resolve Tax Issues And End The Misery The IRS Is Making You Go Through

Owing the IRS is a very severe problem for you. Although it may take several years for the IRS to catch up with you, they are very unrelenting and merciless when it comes to getting back every single penny owed. When it is time to collect, they will make your life a living hell and cause you devastation in all aspects of your life.

IRS Audit Representation

Our clients rarely talk with the IRS. We take control on your behalf so you need not leave your job to handle any paperwork or official procedures of the IRS.

Non-Filed Tax Returns

Failing to file can get you prosecuted and punished with even possible jail time, a year for every year not filed. Do you really want to lose your freedom for not filing your tax returns?

Owed Back Taxes

It is quite astonishing the level at which tax penalties and interest add up. Fortunately, we provide you with countless options when it comes to resolving owed taxes. Get a free Consultation with our tax expert by completing this form.

Payroll Tax Problems

Failing to pay payroll taxes is seen by the IRS as the cardinal sin of tax deliquencies because your employees withholdings sums up a large chunk of the payroll taxes.

IRS Liens

When the IRS files liens against you, they also come up on your credit report and often restrict you from creating a checking account or getting a loan with your assets, such as your home.

IRS Levies

Most of the time, we are able to have your levies released and get you out of unfavourable conditions. Getting you even with the IRS and giving you a fresh start, that is our goal.

IRS Wage Garnishment

Every payment plan negotiated by us is far more suitable than any IRS wage garnishment. It enables you get your complete paycheck without any fear of wage garnishments in future.

IRS Seizures

Do not take a seizure lightly. Eventually, the IRS will go after the seizures of your physical assets including your cars,motorcycles, jewelries, boats, home, insurance policies, and even your retirement savings.

IRS Payment Plan

Sometimes, you may not qualify for the IRS Offer in Compromise program, the best solution in this situation is a Payment plan.

Offer in Compromise

Are you aware of the fact that you can settle every debt you owe the IRS for a measly sum with their offer in compromise program?


When you file bankruptcy, all your interest, back taxes, and penalties can be dismissed. If by any chance you qualify, filing bankruptcy will be your best option in solving your crushing tax problems.

Innocent Spouse Relief

This was designed to address situations whereby one spouse was evidently the victim of a fraudulent act carried out by their spouse or ex.

Get your IRS file

A lot of people will be amazed at the level of information the IRS has on them. To effectively evaluate your options in solving your tax problems, getting a copy of your IRS file is of utmost importance.

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