Owing the IRS is a very severe problem for you. Although it may take several years for the IRS to catch up with you, they are very unrelenting and merciless when it comes to getting back every single penny owed. When it is time to collect, they will make your life a living hell and cause you devastation in all aspects of your life.

IRS Audit Representation

Our clients rarely talk with the IRS. We take control on your behalf so you need not leave your job to handle any paperwork or official procedures of the IRS. Read More

Many times, it starts by accident. You file one return, only to be surprised that you owe more money than you can pay, and you duck your head in the sand like an ostrich for a few years, hoping the problem will go away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The problem grows bigger, snowballing into owing thousands of dollars.

It doesn’t help matters that the IRS is becoming increasingly aggressive in its collection efforts. They’ve even increased the number of audits conducted – and small wonder why. The government needs all the money it can get, and its primary source of income is you!

If you haven’t filed taxes in a few years or more, here’s what you can do.

• First, you have to file any and all missing tax returns. The IRS won’t resolve a liability Read More