New Technology Keeps Tax Associations Relevant

Over the last four years, TaxConnections has built technology that is driving a tax professionals brand higher on the search engines. In December 2015, we are releasing our tax association software to tax organizations and tax firms around the world. Tax Associations are being gifted with the newest technology to help them stay RELEVANT and important to their members. Social Media has changed the way the next generation of tax professional associations must respond. The best news for tax associations has arrived in the form of customized tax association software as a service. The tools took a few years to build but they are now available only through

TaxConnections learned tax professionals want their own tax network; we learned groups of tax professionals enjoy the privacy of their own communities; we learned the best tax professionals wanted to be associated with the best tax experts; we discovered ways everyone could live together and separately supporting each other. These are precisely the reasons we built software for tax associations. TaxConnections software technology enables large groups of tax professionals to create a private community to discuss tax issues. However, the members as a whole enjoy the added benefit of software that drives new business, new clients, and new tax opportunities to them that they would otherwise not have any access to in the open market.

TaxConnections marketing tools also promotes the tax association in ways that increases membership to the group. Tax Associations want to grow and they need new generation technology to do so. It would cost an association millions of dollars to build this technology and organizations do not have the budgets to do so. However, has built the software technology and tools to grow the next generation of tax associations. We offer new technology that keeps a tax association RELEVANT!

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Kat Jennings founded, the first tax media site promoting and marketing tax professionals worldwide. With a world of tax innovation at our fingertips, TaxConnections brings the the first Virtual Tax Offices in history to market.
While many companies talk about the future of Virtual Offices, Kat Jennings was the first to bring virtual offices to the cloud for professionals enabling them to work from any location in the world with a laptop and/or cell phone. With future iterations, our technology will be available to multiple business verticals and professionals worldwide.

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