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Tax Professionals- Beware of This SCAM

TaxConnections has a wonderful team of engineers supporting us and we learn new things every day. Today, I almost got snookered by this group my IT guy and I tracked down to the Bahamas this morning. Here is the scam as it took me by surprise!  Keeping our worldwide tax network safe from these scoundrels it my intention so read what happened to me today! I am looking at my computer screen this morning and this view below pops up on my screen. Read more

New Technology Keeps Tax Associations Relevant

Over the last four years, TaxConnections has built technology that is driving a tax professionals brand higher on the search engines. In December 2015, we are releasing our tax association software to tax organizations and tax firms around the world. Tax Associations are being gifted with the newest technology to help them stay RELEVANT and important to their members. Social Media has changed the way the next generation of tax professional associations must respond. The best news for tax associations has arrived in the form of customized tax association software as a service. The tools took a few years to build but they are now available only through

TaxConnections learned tax professionals want their own tax network; we learned groups of tax professionals enjoy the privacy of their own communities; we learned the best tax professionals wanted to be associated with the best Read more