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Leading Tax Educators Attracted To Global Tax Education Platform

One of the many exciting benefits of TaxConnections is the aggregation of the finest tax instructors in the industry to one global platform. With nearly 200 tax courses currently available on with CPE or without CPE, and hundreds more in line to be uploaded on our tax education video platform, it is exciting to attract an increasing number of the very best tax educators around the world to TaxConnections. A  group of experienced tax instructors are being assembled that are committed to promoting the very best tax education in the profession. TaxConnections is the catalyst  bringing together an extraordinary group of tax educators in order to connect them to one worldwide platform.

During the year, we have interviewed many of tax instructors and are proud to introduce them to you through TaxConnections. Allow me to begin with Shamen Dugger who teaches a corporate tax course on ASC 740/Tax Provision Preparation at You will not  find a better instructor on corporate tax provision in the entire industry. Corporate tax departments now have access to a talented tax instructor that will train their tax staffs on tax provision any day of the week; and accounting and tax services firms now have access to a well-trained former BIG FOUR educator.

Another outstanding tax instructor to join us is the incomparable Stuart Sobel who offers the best courses in Non-Profits of anyone in the tax training industry. You can now take a  Non-Profit Tax Course from the man who knows the tax code better than anyone because he helped author parts of the code years ago while with the IRS. Click Here to take a Stu Sobel Course at:

Our next tax instructor is loved by everyone and that is Eva Rosenberg who teaches the Enrolled Agent Exam. Ask anyone at a NAER or NATP Conference about who teaches the EA Exam best  and you will hear Eva Rosenberg’s name again and again. Eva Rosenberg is also known by the famous moniker TaxMama.  If you are thinking about taking the Enrolled Agent Exam and earning your EA designation look no further than TaxMama Courses at

TaxConnections is currently onboarding new tax instructors each month. If you would like to be considered and have your tax education courses on TaxConnections, please contact for more information. You must be a TaxConnections Tax Professional Member to upload tax courses to our platform. We invite you to join us today:

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