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Course Description

Looking for a course that, in simple and practical terms, shows how to prepare a basic tax provision? 

“ASC 740/Tax Provision Preparation – Level Basic” is that course.  In a series of sixteen half-hour videos delivered by a personable, results-oriented instructor, participants are guided step-by-step through the preparation and evaluation of a basic tax provision for a domestic, single entity corporation.  The course begins with a basic foundation in ASC 740 concepts used to prepare six core tax provision schedules from a federal and state perspective, then leverages that foundation to delve further into the complexities of typical book/tax differences and expands the core schedules to include other concepts generally encountered within basic tax provision preparation.  The course concludes by addressing the real world work product requirements of tax provisions from PBC/IDR preparation, to communication of results via industry standard written modes, to utilizing the basic tax provision model for financial forecasting purposes.

Table of Contents

Welcome CPE

  1. Mission Completed  1. Understand the Accounting Underlying ASC 740/Tax Provisions (26 minutes)
  2. Mission Completed  2. Prepare Six Core Federal Tax Provision Schedules (28 minutes)
  3. Mission Completed  3. Prepare Six Core State Tax Provision Schedules (24 minutes)
  4. Mission Completed  4. Understand Share Based Compensation Book/Tax Differences (26 minutes)
  5. Mission Completed  5. Understand Capitalization & Cost Recovery Book/Tax Differences (24 minutes)
  6. Mission Completed  6. Understand Accruals, Allowances, & Reserves Book/Tax Differences (27 minutes)
  7. Mission Completed  7. Understand Revenue Recognition Book/Tax Differences (25 minutes)
  8. Mission Completed  8. Analyze High Level Research Credit Calculations Relative to the Tax Provision (31 minutes)
  9. Mission Completed  9. Analyze High Level IRC §§ 382/383 Tax Attribute Limitations Relative to the Tax Provision (24 minutes)
  10. Mission Completed  10. Analyze ASC 740-10 (Previously FIN 48) Calculations Relative to the Tax Provision (28 minutes)
  11. Mission Completed  11. Analyze Provision to Return True-ups (25 minutes)
  12. Mission Completed  12. Leverage Tax Provision Results to Prepare Financial Documents (19 minutes)
  13. Mission Completed  13. Incorporate Tax Provision Internal Controls to Mitigate Risk (25 minutes)
  14. Mission Completed  14. Prepare Tailored Tax Provision PBC/IDR Data Requests (21 minutes)
  15. Mission Completed  15. Prepare Tailored Tax Provision Memoranda/Documentation (19 minutes)
  16. Mission Completed  16. Forecast Financial Impacts Using the Basic Tax Provision Model (30 minutes)


13 CPE hours


Trainer: Shamen Dugger

Type: OnDemand

Level: Beginner

Subject: Tax Accounting Tax Provision Tax Reporting

Duration: 6 Hours 39 Minutes

Released: May 23, 2014

Register Price: $99.00


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