Governor Newsome Team: California Voters Simply Do Not Have Capacity To Decide Complicated Matters Like Tax Hikes

Governor Newsome: California Voters Simply Do Not Have Capacity To Decide Complicated Matters Like Tax Hikes

‍This week Governor Gavin Newsom asked the California Supreme Court to block the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative from the November ballot. Newsom argued that “voters simply do not have the capacity” to decide on “complicated” matters like tax hikes. What do you think?

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Reform California recently announced a special initiative in 2024 to recruit, train, endorse, and support candidates for state and local offices who will be part of a statewide “Reform Caucus” of elected officials willing to fight aggressively to break the Super-Majority control in the state. Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio himself is running for a State Assembly seat.

“California’s Super-Majority Democrats have ruined our state, and we need to unite behind the one best candidate in each target seat who can give voters an alternative — and that’s where the Reform California Voter Guide comes in,” says Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California.

Reform California’s Voter Guide has packed a punch in previous elections — and has become the most downloaded endorsement guide in the entire state with almost half-a-million unique downloads during the 2022 election alone.

“Voters from all backgrounds know the problems are bad in California and they are hungry for change — and we’re excited that many are increasingly relying on this voter guide when they cast their ballots,” DeMaio says.

Reform California’s Voter Guide is distributed to target voters in a number of ways each election cycle — including by tens of thousands of the organization’s volunteers who canvass their neighborhoods and use their social media to virally promote it.

Reform California also convenes ballot harvesting events throughout the state — and provides its volunteers with a template for organizing their own ballot harvesting parties. The Reform California Voter Guide is distributed at what is called “Barbeque, Beer & Ballots” events. Contact Reform California to host your own B-B-Q Event: 

Access the Reform California “Plain English” Voter Guide for your area:

According to Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, here is what happened at the hearing at the California Supreme Court on the fight to save Prop 13 and pass the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative this week:

  • In a stunning argument, Gavin Newsom’s legal team argued that voters are too stupid to decide on important issues like tax hikes! “The voters simply don’t have the capacity!” – Margaret Prinzing, attorney for Gov. Gavin Newsom.
  • Newsom then asked this liberal court (that he appoints to office) to strip Californians of the CITIZENS’ INITIATIVE RIGHTS by blocking a vote this November on the CTPI. That would leave just his measure to gut Prop 13 on the ballot!
  • Justice Goodwin Lui (appointed by Jerry Brown) advanced another offensive argument that letting voters block tax hikes of state politicians would “create a fourth branch of government.” Not at all – we the people ARE the government and the three branches always must answer ultimately to voters!
  • Lawyers representing the California taxpayer coalition countered all this nonsense with a simple argument that the state constitution gives citizens clear and irrevocable rights to place items on the ballot to hold politicians accountable – and the CTPI is consistent with a long-line of tax reform measures such as Prop 13, Prop 218, Prop 26, etc.

After hearing the offensive comments made by Gavin Newsom’s team and the liberal Justices, I hope you are even more motivated to help lead the fight to block tax hikes on Californians.

California politicians put deceptive titles on ballot measures to fool voters into approving bad policies and massive tax hikes. That’s why Carl DeMaio and Reform California have released their “Plain English” voter guide to give voters an easy-to-understand explanation of the ballot measures.


What California Politicians are Trying to Do:

  • California politicians are trying to confuse voters by placing two initiatives on the ballot that would both gut prop 13 and make it easier to raise state and local taxes, as well as increase your utility rates;
  • ACA-1 would gut Prop 13’s 2/3 vote requirement for new taxes by lowering it to 55%;
  • ACA-13 would gut Prop 13 by blocking the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative and eliminating the requirement that voters be allowed to vote on tax increases with honest ballot titles;
  • We MUST defeat both of these initiatives to save Prop 13 in 2024!

 Read Stop California Tax Hikes And Jump In To Help Now

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2 comments on “Governor Newsome Team: California Voters Simply Do Not Have Capacity To Decide Complicated Matters Like Tax Hikes

  • David Garber, E.A.

    The sheer arrogance of Newsom and his crew astounds me. The contempt with which
    Gavin Newsom views the voters of his state is is beyond the outer limits. He has forgotten the basic rules of government in a republic: the voters decide whom and what to espouse for their government by voting. The elected officials may propose solutions and laws to address issues, but to exclude his constituency, completely?

    Unfortunately, too many voters are asleep and are allowing the government to deteriorate before their eyes, and these voters are clueless as to the ramifications
    if they cede their powers to the privileged, arrogant, elected elite. In the laws of
    karma, these voters will suffer the punishment of overtaxation, confiscation of property, and loss of any choice in the future. Freedom? Economic Choice? etc…… all went
    down the drain in 2024…………


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