TaxConnections Trusted Tax Advisors Awards: 2022/2023

Trusted Tax Professionals

According to research by psychologists, Trust is a central part of any human relationship. Trust is a belief that a person will act and behave in certain ways. Trust in a person means that you have a feeling of confidence and security that you can depend on a particular individual. Trust is the number one characteristic desired in a tax advisor. Trust is what everyone searches for when hiring a tax professional to handle your personal information. Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something. Given challenges in the world today, the most valuable asset you can offer is trust!

Trust takes time to build. Relationships take time to build; finding people you trust is what we search for in our most valued relationships. We are taking this time to identify the people we know who are trusted to do a great job for taxpayers. Taxes are complex today. It is challenging time for tax experts and taxpayers to understand the new tax rules and legislation thrust upon us each year. Taxpayers need access to trusted tax experts in the profession. For the purposes of this blog post, we have three goals:

  1. Share information on tax professionals we have come to know and trust their expertise throughout the year.
  2. Ask readers to recommend trusted tax professionals to invite to our platform.
  3. Continue to build and bridge successful relationships between tax experts and taxpayers online.

TaxConnections 2022/2023 List of Trusted Tax Advisors were chosen using the following criteria.
1. They are TaxConnections Members supporting the tax community.
2. They are educating our global audience through blog posts and answering tax questions.
3. We received information from multiple sources regarding their expertise.
4. The tax experts are known for giving generously of their time and expertise.
5. The tax experts are recognized for their high level of technical knowledge.

We want to mention that there are thousands of tax professionals on our site and throughout the marketplace you can trust. This list is one of mentions of tax professionals who have engaged with us this year through written blog posts and answers to tax questions. The tax experts who were chosen for our list this year gave generously to educate others through their posted content and our tax questions/answers feature.

One of the many marketing advantages tax professionals have as a TaxConnections Member is that we distribute their content nationally and internationally. We backlink our members full page professional profile with their blogs posts and tax questions answered. This backlinking technology drives our members professional profiles higher on the search engines. This drives a steady stream of prospective clients to notice them. Our technology links together information that makes it easier for taxpayers to find tax experts who have engaged with content on our site. It is proven that blog posts and answering tax questions results in attracting clients.

TaxConnections 2022/2023 Trusted Tax Advisors

Blake Christian Leading U.S. Opportunity Zone Tax Expert/ HCVT Tax Partner/MIT Modular
Jason FreemanBoutique Tax Law Firm, Freeman Law, Texas With Extraordinary Legal Team
Bruce JohnsonPartner, Cost Segregation, Commercial Real Estate Tax Strategies, Capstan Tax
David Ellis – Managing Tax Partner, CPA Firm, Leading Tax Expert On Divorce, Trust/Estates
Terri Johnson Partner, Cost Segregation, Commercial Real Estate Tax Strategies, Capstan Tax
Olivier Wagner1040 Abroad, Expatriate And Dual Citizenship Tax Returns
John Richardson –  Citizenship Solutions, Renounce U.S. Citizenship, Leading Global Expert
Pete Scalise
Federal Tax Credits And Incentives Practice Leader, Prager Metis
Alicea Castellanos – Asset Protection Planning, High Net Worth Families, Expat Trusts/Estates
Gary Carter – Expert On Tax Issues For Foreign Nationals, Expatriate Taxes
Aaron Giles – Expert On Sales & Use Tax Compliance & Planning, Nexus Studies
Eva Rosenberg – Leading National Expert On Small Business Taxes, Leading Trainer For EA Exam
Annette Nellen – Professor at San Jose State University, Tax Legislation And Analysis
Monika Miles – State, Local, Sales & Use Tax Expertise, Nexus Studies, National Expertise
Kook Hee Lee International Tax Partner, Multinational Corporate With South Korea Expertise

TaxConnections has thousands of members we are proud to be associated with this year. We encourage all our members to update their professional profiles now so taxpayers can find you. We are receiving calls daily from taxpayers searching for tax experts on our site who have not updated their contact information. We want to help drive new business to you.

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