TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs Awards 2014 – Top Twenty Tax Bloggers

Brian Mahany is the top of the list as the most prolific blogger on Worldwide Tax Blogs. Brian blogs on FATCA – The Single Worst Tax Law On the Books, Beanie Baby Founder Headed To Prison, How To Respond When Your Foreign Bank Asks About Your IRS Compliance, Restaurant Owners Beware-IRS Audits Can Lead To Immigration Charges. Brian is an expert on FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and you can discover for yourselves how informative his blogs are for US citizens with offshore bank accounts. A new world is emerging for citizens with offshore bank accounts this year so stay tuned as Brian continues to share his knowledge with us. Having said that, a group of distinguished tax bloggers leads TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs Top Twenty Tax Bloggers list this year and they all provide a different perspective on a wide variety of tax matters.

TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs gives our readers an opportunity to get to know these tax experts better through their writing. We highly recommend you read TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs to stay informed of emerging tax trends. We highly recommend you interact with our bloggers through your comments on their blog posts. Commenting on a tax bloggers post is a great way to let them know you appreciate the knowledge they have shared. We also recommend you connect with our bloggers on their TaxConnections Microsite. Simply click on their name on their blog post and you will be guided directly to their Microsite where you can connect with them easily on the “ Connect With Me” button.

Here are TaxConnections Top Twenty Worldwide Tax Bloggers:

Brian Mahany
Peter Scalise
Daniel Erasmus
Ronald Marini
Harold Goedde
Kathryn Morgan
Hale Stewart
William Richards
Steven Potts
Virginia La Torre Jeker
Michael DeBlis
Annette Nellen
John Dundon
Manasa Nadig
Jerry Donnini
Ronald Cappuccio
Betty Williams
Claire McNamara
Robert McKenzie
James McBrearty

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