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TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs Awards 2014 – Top Twenty Tax Bloggers

TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs gives our readers an opportunity to get to know these tax experts better through their writing. We highly recommend you read TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs to stay informed of emerging tax trends. We highly recommend you interact with our bloggers through your comments on their blog posts. Commenting on a tax bloggers post is a great way to let them know you appreciate the knowledge they have shared. We also recommend you connect with our bloggers on their TaxConnections Microsite. Simply click on their name on their blog post and you will be guided directly to their Microsite where you can connect with them easily on the “ Connect With Me” button.

Here are TaxConnections Top Twenty Worldwide Tax Bloggers:

Peter Scalise
Daniel Erasmus
Harold Goedde
Kathryn Morgan
Hale Stewart
William Richards
Steven Potts
Virginia La Torre Jeker
Michael DeBlis
Annette Nellen
John Dundon
Manasa Nadig
Jerry Donnini
Ronald Cappuccio
Betty Williams
Claire McNamara
Robert McKenzie
James McBrearty

Capital Allowances & Vehicle Emissions

This weeks video discusses the Capital Allowances 7 Vehicle Emissions.

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Tax Relief For Business Mileage In Your Private Car

This weeks video discusses the best tax relief for business mileage in the United Kingdom.


Received a Tax Refund E-mail From HMRC?

Have you received an e-mail from HMRC? Watch this video to determine whether or not it is legitimate and what you should do about it.

 In accordance with Circular 230 Disclosure

HMRC’s Campaign To Get Up To Date If You Are Behind With Tax

Video Post on HMRC’s Campaign to get you up to date if you are behind with your taxes.

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UK HMRC Plans For National Insurance Simplification

Now this summer there was a consultation published by HMRC…  See Video

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HMRC Focusing On Rental Income In 2013

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The Value Of Having Certified Accounts

If people are looking to take a mortgage, the lender will usually ask to see accounts that have been certified by the accountant – another benefit of having a professional adviser, in addition to the potential tax savings that an adviser can bring.


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Approaching Your Year-End? Time To Invest In The Business?

As you approach your year-end, whether this is aligned with the UK tax year, it could be time to invest in the business – tax relief on purchases can make a welcome addition:


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UK Payroll Changes Under Real Time Information (RTI)

The new systems should have already been adopted, particularly with the advertising campaign that HMRC ran.

In this video I discuss the changes:


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HMRC Call Centres

It can sometimes be difficult for people to contact HMRC, in this video I share some statistics and also discuss why using an adviser can save people time and hassle:


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