Tax Jobs – Learn Why They Never Make It To You

Kat Jennings- Tax Jobs - Learn Why They Never Make It To You

Do you ever wonder why it is such a challenge to find a tax job? Yet there are thousands of tax jobs available worldwide every day. It would be easy to write a book on all the challenges tax professionals face to find a tax job. Unless you are in the trenches finding tax jobs for tax professionals every day, you have no idea of all the obstacles encountered during a tax job search. Three decades assisting tax professionals in securing tax opportunities makes me an expert on the topic. My objective is to guide you through a process that has many trap doors that prevent you from readily accessing tax jobs.

Why do you rarely hear about great tax roles at events with your tax colleagues? Why are there tax jobs you never hear about until you discover a tax executive you know just landed this plum role? How are tax professionals approached and chosen today for the best tax jobs on the market? How can you increase your visibility to be considered for wonderful tax roles? It is time to learn how to turn the tide of greater tax career opportunity to your advantage.

Why do you rarely hear about great tax opportunities until after you discover the company’s newly hired tax executive? I can assure you wonderful tax roles exist this very moment all over the world; yet  these tax opportunities will not make their way to you due to multiple obstacles. The major obstacles are your lack of visibility, accessibility and your resume presentations. If you are in a corporate tax department you are especially vulnerable since many  have invested little to no time to create a visible and accessible presence for your tax expertise online. Despite what you may assume, it is not that easy to connect with you. Many prospective tax candidates are not reached because others simply cannot find you. You must proactively increase your online visibility and approachability to a world of people searching for tax professionals every day.

Corporate tax executives often ask me “Why do you hear about these great tax jobs and I never do?” The truth is the better the job the more likely others may be secretly vying for the role themselves so they simply do not tell you.  Additionally, many companies realize the tax candidates they want to reach will generally not submit their resumes to resume portals. Who wants to submit a resume to a resume portal to an unknown person or artificial intelligence machine who has little to no understanding what tax professionals do? As a result, most companies now retain an expert tax search consultant to get the job done for them. Companies who want a thorough search conducted retain an expert to contact prospective tax candidates directly for the role. Many tax roles never make it to you unless you are connected to the recruiter retained on the project.

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“How Tax Professionals Are Approached And Considered For Top Tax Roles Today.”

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