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Top 3 Priorities For A Start Up Business

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Small Business Tips: How To Expand Your Business

Congratulations on successfully starting your business! If you’re ready to take the next step, but don’t know exactly how to go about that, here are some ideas for thinking about growing your business. Turn your business into a franchise – If your business model is easily replicated, and you want to see your business grow quickly, think about franchising. As the owner, now referred to as a franchiser, of the name or trademark sells that right to a franchise. Read more

Having A System In Place For Your Business

Salim Omar

Recently, the soccer coach of my con’s soccer team passed away. On top of being the coach of my son, he was the owner of a sportswear manufacturing and distributing business for 15 years.

From meeting with his family members, he and the business were synonymous. There were other no systems in place. With no other systems in place, then it is not a sell-able business.

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