Expert Advice – How To Land The Best Tax Jobs

You are invited to a complimentary webinar – “How To Land The Best Tax Jobs” presented by an internationally recognized expert on the topic, Kat Jennings.  Things have changed for tax professionals who find themselves searching for a new tax job or even thinking about a change in the future. The success of your tax career will have a lot to do with very strategic moves you must make. Now is the time to learn what is happening behind the scenes that is changing the very way your tax career will progress or stall. The goal is of this webinar is to arm you with tools that give you the greatest potential for success in your tax career.

Date: Friday, March 20th 2015      /      Time: 9:00AM PDT (California)


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This Presentation is delivered live by Kat Jennings, serial entrepreneur who founded and


All Attendees will receive a 12-Week Complimentary Coaching Course during the webinar. You will receive instructions on how to gain access to this 12 week Coaching Course for free during my presentation. I will give attendees a cell phone number and a special password to receive the 12 Week Coaching Course with a link to the weekly lesson. It is so easy to learn on your own time.


Kat Jennings founded, the first tax media network connecting tax professionals and taxpayers worldwide.

TaxConnections emerged as a tax media network to connect tax professionals with taxpayers searching for a wide range of tax expertise around the world.

Join today at: or call 858.999.0053.

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