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10 Top Tips From “The Best Tax Webinar of The Year”

The feedback from in the “Best Tax Webinar of The Year” was extraordinary as we drew more than one thousand attendees. Many asked for a copy of the presentation and we are now producing a better version for those who attended and those who wanted to attend and were unable to do so. As a result, we are now in production with a 30 minute video presentation that will be available in a week covering the following topics:

1. How to gain authority over millions of pages of tax professionals on the web in one day

2. How to move your tax reputation to viral status; we discovered this secret when we noticed thousands of visitors going to one of our members profile page

3. How tax professionals are landing the biggest tax clients and tax jobs of their careers

4. How to upload your tax blog to a distribution network that spans 210 countries and territories

5. How to promote your tax expertise in a full page ad for 365 days a year for under two hundred dollars

6. How to attract a new client just by answering a tax question on a site that attracts millions of visitors

7. How to tape and upload your tax expertise to a Tax Video Server and earn 50/50 revenue share

8. How to gain national major media exposure working with a public relations strategist

9. How to get a Spotlight Interview on a TaxEXPERTLIVE panel on TaxConnections Google Hangout

10. How to become a best selling author simply by writing one chapter; participate in one of our multi-author book campaign

You are going to learn ALL of this and more at TaxConnections. Tax Professional Members will be the first to receive this video, now in production at:

For Questions, contact Kat at or 858-999-0053.


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We offer a Special Membership rate to tax professionals out of work.

Kat Jennings, CEO

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