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Does A Foreigner Living Outside US But With US Source Income Earned While Working On Foreign Soil Have To Pay Any US Tax? This Is Work Done...
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The United States has what is called a world-wide tax system. This has two implications. First, as a U S Citizen or resident, you are subject to tax on all your income from whatever source. The second implicationis...   Read More
How Long Does IRS Have To Audit An Amended Tax Return When It Is Submitted 3 Or More Years From Due Date Of Original.
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Since it is being submitted after the statute of limitations has expired, they do not have to accept the amended return. However, if submitted within the statue of limitations the time is still measured from the...   Read More
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FATCA was enacted in order to combat U. S. tax evasion by taxpayers holding investments in foreign accounts. This is somewhat controversial, as it raises privacy issues, especially for those having dual citizenship....   Read More
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Your best financial plan would be for you to go to a known investment company. There are so many variables investing in a retirement plan that you want to have a Big Name Company that has been in business for a...   Read More
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Go to in order to gain valuable information on the subject of compensation for corporate tax professionals.   Read More
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You state that it is a temporary easement. If that is the case, then the income from the easement is treated as rent and reported on Schedule E. Since it is temporary, no sale has occurred, and you cannot offset...   Read More

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