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The Reality of U.S. Citizenship Abroad

My name is John Richardson. I am a lawyer – member of the Bar of Ontario. This means that, any counselling session you have with me will be governed by the rules of “lawyer client” privilege. This means that:

“What’s said in my office, stays in my office.”

The U.S. imposes complex rules and life restrictions on its citizens wherever they live. These restrictions are becoming more and more difficult for those U.S. citizens who choose to live outside the United States.

FATCA is the mechanism to enforce those "complex rules and life restrictions" on Americans abroad. As a result, many U.S. citizens abroad are renouncing their U.S. citizenship.

Have you just received a “FATCA Letter” addressed to you as an INDIVIDUAL or to you as an ENTITY (corporation, trust, etc.)? How do you respond? What’s a W9? What’s a W-8BEN-E? You are going to need expert advice.

You can reach me at or call 647.860.7747.

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Citizenship Solutions
Toronto, Canada
There are a surprisingly large number of people confused about the status of their U.S. citizenship. There are people who are U.S. citizens who think they are not. There are people who are not U.S. citizens who think they are. There are people who are entitled to a back-dated CLN who don’t know it. A clear determination of citizenship status is the first step in any analysis required to assist you.

If one were to ask, me what is the service you provide? My answer would be:

I counsel people in the legal, investment and social realities of U.S. citizenship abroad (which is a service that is in short supply and is badly needed). I also assist people in expatriation which is the relinquishment of U.S. citizenship or surrendering Green Cards.

Examples of how I help people include:

- coming into U.S. tax compliance

- expatriation: renouncing U.S. citizenship or surrendering Green Cards

– retirement planning (U.S. citizens abroad are subject to special restrictions)

– investing in a manner consistent with the restrictions on U.S. citizens abroad

– U.S. taxation of Americans abroad

- International Information Returns: Forms: 5471, 8938, 3520, 8621

– FBAR compliance

– PFIC Counselling

– marriage and divorce between a U.S. citizen and non-citizen

– loss of privacy rights (FATCA anyone)?

Whether you want to live as a U.S. citizen abroad or whether you wish to relinquish your U.S. citizenship, I will assist you in achieving your goal!



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