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How do U.S. tax rules constrain my investment choices if I am married and now living with my Australian husband in Australia?

U.S. Tax Rules Married To Non-U.S. Citizen
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Tax Professional Answers

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Dan Gordon
The rules for investments etc. do not change because you are living abroad or married to a non US citizen. All the provisions that are available in the tax code are available to you as a US citizen. US-taxman handles these items regularly.
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John Richardson
Think of it! With the exception of the United States, when a person moves away from the country and establishes tax residency in another country, they will no longer be taxed as a resident of the first country.
But in the case of the United States: If a U.S. citizen moves from the United States and establishes tax residency in a new country: (1) they will STILL be taxable as a tax resident of the United States (2) they will be subjected to a separate and more punitive system of taxation! (3) they will have to engage in financial planning according to the rules of the tax system where he resides.
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