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Earned Income - Community (shared) Income Where One Spouse Is Non-resident And Other Is UK National. Neither Lives In USA?
User Photo Dan Gordon
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First of all filing married filing separate the joint income is split between the two parties then the Alien party with no US source income does not file a return. Regarding FEIE if the income can be properly...   Read More
New Client Was Paid As A Contractor When Actually An Employee For A Couple Of Years. Is There A Way To Get Some FICA, Medicare And Withhold
User Photo Dan Gordon
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I would have the client request a W-2 to replace the 1099 MISC from the employer reminding the employer that he was an employee and that the IRS will be informed if he does not respond.   Read More
Taxation On LLC (single Person Owner Non Resident Alien) Holding Investment Property In USA And One Investment Property In Europe
User Photo Dan Gordon
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As a sole partner in an LLC generating income the chances are the the IRS will treat that income as self employment and SE tax would be required to be paid on all the income the LLC generates. A Sub-Chapter S...   Read More
How Long Can Someone After April 15th "e-File" Their Taxes?
User Photo Warren Zimmer
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IRS E-file is still available. IRS e-file is available through Oct. 15. E-file is the easiest, safest and most accurate way to file your taxes. With e-file you receive confirmation that the IRS received your tax...   Read More
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