Using Video For Your Business – Webinar Jan. 19th

Understanding and using video is a powerful tool to have for your business. Looking at past trends, 2016 seems to be a huge year for using video. it has been reported that 61% of businesses in the United States have started using video as a form of marketing. About 66% of these business did not use video in 2015.

You may be having questions on the Return on Investment though, wondering if using video will actually do the trick. In fact, over three quarters of businesses that use video have said that the ROI is amazing. Video may not be the easiest or the cheapest. But in order for your business to succeed, you need to put in some hard work. And with numerous online video editing tools becoming more affordable each day, it is easier to see the ROI quicker.

It is easy today to learn how to make a decent video. Videos do not need to be perfect. If you don’t have a state of the art camera, but have a smart phone, those work as well. Remember, your audience is there for the content. If you are able to transmit your message across clearly and show them what you are about, then the audience will take that over the production values.

With video, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with your audience. If you are attempting to promote yourself, you need to start seriously thinking about using video for your business.

There are many questions that you may have which will be covered by our webinar on January 19th, 1:00 P.M. PST.

In collaboration with Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc., the webinar will be addressing topics such as:

—Why Video?
—The Various Uses for Video…Lead Generation, Social and More!
—Best Practices for Video Development, Production and Deployment.

*Three Webinar Attendees will have the opportunity to win FREE Basic Video Production for their tax practice.

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