Top Tax Blogs from 2015

Top Tax Blogs from 2015

During 2015 readers of TaxConnections Worldwide Tax Blogs arrived from more than 200 countries and spent an average of 12:45 during each visit. These are mighty numbers and they are due to the tax experts who joined our community and submitted their tax expertise and blog posts throughout the year.

We would like to congratulate our top tax blog contributors and link you to the top posts this year. We are grateful for the journey we made with you throughout the year and look forward to enjoying a successful 2016 with you.

Check out the top 20 Tax Blogs in 2015!

Story of A Good Citizen Who Reports Foreign Bank Accounts But Forgets FBARs! Huh? – Manasa Nadig

How To Live Outside The United States In An FBAR And FATCA World – John Richardson

Read This Before Tossing Old Tax Records – Barry Fowler

Fighting FATCA “Tyranny” – Lynne Swanson

Americans Change Kingdoms To Evade Taxation – Michael DeBlis, III

FATCA Update! – 112 FATCA Agreements To Date! – Ronald Marini

FBAR Due Date Changed – Michael DeBlis, III

Streamlined Program Will Expire! – Larry Stolberg

Tax Changes For 2015: A Checklist – Dan Gordon

Tax Compliance Alert – Peter J. Scalise

How To Get A Larger Deduction For Non-Cash Contributions – John Stancil

15 Best Year End Tax Tips To Activate Before Midnight December 31st – John Dundon

For Delinquent Taxpayers Living Abroad, There Are Several Ways To Find The Light At The End of The Tunnel – Ephraim Moss

Recent Important Tax Changes
 – Harold Goedde

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion – Timing is Everything! – Pallav Acharya

How To Qualify For IRS Uncollectible (Hardship) Status, If You Are Unable To Pay Your Tax Bill – Milton Boothe

Are You Providing Digital Services To Japan? – Claire McNamara

The Choice: Amnesty Or Quiet Disclosure For Foreign Bank Accounts: Criminal Tax Evasion, Negligence… – Frank C. (Chip) Hider

§ 165(e) Loss Claimed On Theft of Money/Investment – Daniel Erasmus

Top Ten Items of Tax Policy Interest For 2015 #1 – Annette Nellen

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