TaxConnections Hosts Worldwide Citizenship Taxation Debate: You Are Invited To Attend Friday, May 17th 2019

Lets Debate 2

Lawyers John Richardson and Edward Zelinsky will present their views on Worldwide Citizenship Taxation on a live stream YOUTUBE event hosted by TaxConnections on Friday, May 17th 2019. The mission of this presentation is to provide important views on Worldwide Citizenship Taxation.

We have asked the following question to both speakers:

“Should The United States Impose Worldwide Citizenship Taxation And Reporting On People Who Are Residents Of Other Countries?”

TaxConnections Friday, May 17th Livestream Presentation Will Focus On:

1. Presenting two opposing perspectives on Worldwide Citizenship Taxation.

2. Educate taxpayers and tax professionals on worldwide citizenship taxation.

3. Provide perspective from taxpayers and tax professionals globally.

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2 comments on “TaxConnections Hosts Worldwide Citizenship Taxation Debate: You Are Invited To Attend Friday, May 17th 2019

  • If you are a US citizen living abroad the IRS tax code will punish and make your life miserable. Investments, businesses, marriage, retirement, savings, insurance, etc will all be put to a halt. Expensive yearly lawyers, accounting fees and double taxation becomes the new norm.

    Im a dual citizen living in Canada. I have no investments except HISA because of being a US citizen. I cant even use a TFSA/RESP as its taxed by the IRS. Any mutual fund, ETF, REIT, Index funds are a PFIC so I cant invest in them. My prior work pension was a Canadian mutual fund (PFIC).

    Im self employed and have to take personal liability in case im sued + I pay excess taxes in a high income tax bracket because if I formed a canadian corporation it would be double-taxed by the IRS (GILTI tax) as a CFC and be subject to an umbrella of punitive punishment by the IRS. I put down potential joint partnerships/corporations with others but being a US citizen would “taint” the entity.

    Say goodbye to any normal tax advantages available in canada such as the principle residence exemption or the first time homer buyer plan as the IRS also taxes these events.

    There are so many nasty, disgusting caveats of being a US citizen overseas that puts an anchor around your neck which stops you from living a normal life. Anyone that supports it is wildly disillusioned/sadistic or their minds are still stuck in the 1860’s thinking we should still tax civil war draft dodgers fleeing the country.

  • Cameron, in theory you are correct, but in reality for most Canadians, they can ignore US BS. Take your power back. Consider saying ‘no to US tax compliance as a Canadian living in Canada. USA can’t raid your Canadian bank accounts if you are a Canadian.

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