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Before moving to the post, if you believe that Americans abroad are being treated unjustly by the United States Government: Join us on May 17, 2019 for a discussion of U.S. “citizenship-based taxation” as follows:

Think of it! With the exception of the United States, when a person moves away from the country and establishes tax residency in another country, they will no longer be taxed as a resident of the first country.

But in the case of the United States: If a U.S. citizen moves from the United States and establishes tax residency in a new country: (1) they will STILL be taxable as a tax resident of the United States (2) they will be subjected to a separate and more punitive system of taxation! (3) they will have to engage in financial planning according to the rules of the tax system where he resides.

We will now see how being subject to the U.S. tax system disables the individual, from being able to engage in the normal financial planning, that is optimal under the tax system where he resides. In effect, he will lose the tax benefits which are available to “non-U.S.” residents of his country of residence. The biggest cost of this is NOT the additional tax. The biggest cost is the opportunity cost of being disabled from normal financial planning. A discussion of “lost investing opportunity” in Canada is here. Dr. Karen Alpert will now explain how the “loss of opportunity” works in an Australian context.

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Lawyers John Richardson and Edward Zelinsky will present their views on Worldwide Citizenship Taxation on a live stream YOUTUBE event hosted by TaxConnections on Friday, May 17th 2019. The mission of this presentation is to provide important views on Worldwide Citizenship Taxation.

We have asked the following question to both speakers:

“Should The United States Impose Worldwide Citizenship Taxation And Reporting On People Who Are Residents Of Other Countries?”

TaxConnections Friday, May 17th Livestream Presentation Will Focus On:

1. Presenting two opposing perspectives on Worldwide Citizenship Taxation.

2. Educate taxpayers and tax professionals on worldwide citizenship taxation.

3. Provide perspective from taxpayers and tax professionals globally.

Please register to receive an invitation and updates on this very important and educational online event. You can help us by sharing this blog post with everyone you know who may be affected by Citizenship Based Taxation and who want to learn from two leading experts on the subject.

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The interest in TaxConnections Live Stream Event featuring Lawyers John Richardson and Edward Zelinsky is drawing a very high level of interest throughout the world. With registrations and commentary already surpassing our expectations, this presentation on worldwide taxation vs. residence based taxation of U.S. citizens is going to be a globally engaged encounter.

We have compiled a list of questions as they continue to come to us from those who have registered to be informed on how to attend the live stream event. The participation to date has been exciting and for this reason we are working to get all of your questions answered by lawyers John Richardson and Edward Zelinsky or another member of the platform.

In the meantime, here is a question submitted by one of our visitor taxpayers that I want to share with all of you.

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