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Tax Advisors And Business Owners: How To Setup A Virtual Mailbox To Increase Security And Accessibility

Set Up Virtual Mailbox

People are moving throughout the United States for many reasons: a lower cost of living, lower taxes, moving to be near family, finding better schools, ability to work remotely, move away from big cities, and lower cost of living. As a result, professionals and business owners are  improving their overall security and privacy by setting up a Virtual Mailbox. The focus of this post is to educate you how a Virtual Mailbox improves your accessibility, security, and privacy. Since many people are working out of their homes these days a virtual mailbox is a necessity for increased security.

You Can Easily Setup A Virtual Mailbox At This Link

What are the advantages of a Virtual Mailbox?

  1. You can view your mail from your mobile phone which gives more control over access to your mail. You can be anywhere in the world and access your mail.
  2. You have a physical street address, and all your mail is sent to this address. You can pick a preferred city address if you want a certain city or location.
  3. Your mail enters a 24/7 secured facility so your mail is not sitting in your home mailbox.
  4. You log in to your Virtual Mailbox where the service scans the outside of the letter and you check what mail you want thrown out and what mail you want the service to open, scan and send to you via email. If you have special instructions to send the mail or package to a different location, you can make the request and it will be forwarded.
  5. You have much more security and protection from strangers at your front door.
  6. You cannot get served legally at this address since it is a Virtual Mailbox.
  7. It is inexpensive to have a virtual mail service for all your business and personal mail.
  8. Ensure all your mail actually reaches you through your cell phone email each day.
  9. My personal favorite is you do not have to touch germ feast mailboxes:)

What is the cost of a Virtual Mailbox?

  1. Although there are many providers, the least expensive and most reliable and trusted service we have ever encountered is Traveling Mailbox. They launched another of many new addresses you can now choose as an option in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Their Basic Plan Service is only $15.00 per month, or an Upgraded Plan for $25.00 per month; we have been working with them for several years now. They provide you with  an address you can choose in many major cities.

You Can Easily Setup A Virtual Mailbox At This Link


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