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Tax Bloggers: TaxConnections Wants You On Our Tax Network

Tax Bloggers: TaxConnections Wants You On Our Tax Network

One of the most important strategies to use in building new business for your tax practice today is writing articles. Anyone with tax expertise and strong research and writing skills will benefit having their articles distributed on the TaxConnections platform. What we have discovered working closely with the tax professional community are many tax experts with writing skills who did not have a platform to showcase and distribute their tax expertise. We discovered many tax experts who wrote for big name publishers were experiencing their posts being blocked by paywalls. In other words, their articles did not get into the hands of people unless readers paid to receive the publishers articles. When your article is published on TaxConnections, everyone gets to read it for free.

We also discovered great writers had content on their firms sites but did not gain the attention or audience they desired for it. The ability to write and post on the platform has been a game changer for tax professional writers who now attract a steady stream of prospective clients. TaxConnections distributes for free the articles our tax bloggers write. Our readers include Fortune 500 to 5000 tax and financial executives in multinational organizations; CPAs and Enrolled Agents in tax services firms, independent tax services providers, private equity firms and hedge funds, high net-worth individuals and taxpayers at any levels all over the world and more.

If you read my post titled “Tax Professionals: The High Importance Of Building Trust With Your Brand” you understand the importance of building trust with an audience before they ever decide to hire you. Surveys show the number one characteristic taxpayers look for in the tax professional they hire is trust. As the CEO of TaxConnections, I can attest to the fact our tax bloggers attract more clients as they educate prospective clients on their tax expertise. Writing about tax issues and educating prospective clients is the very best way to build trust with your future clients or employers. People get a feel for your tax expertise and your personality and at the same time you are building a relationship with them. In a market where you are searching for touch points with prospective clients, writing about your tax expertise in a blog post is the smartest strategy to build new business relationships.

There is advice I would give every tax writer and that is write in a language people can understand. Our CFO executive search clients will always tell me “Find me a tax person who can talk to me in a language I can understand!”. This is important to understand and I believe Tax Professional Members on TaxConnections have a huge advantage writing in a way people understand.

Another point I want to make is the coaching we provide tax bloggers is valuable. We want you to succeed and we want your tax blogs to get in front of an interested audience.
You only need to look at TaxConnections Site Metrics to understand the advantage tax professionals have when their blogs are posted on TaxConnections.

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TaxConnections is where to find leading tax experts and technology around the world. Discover tax professionals who offer you a wide range of tax expertise and be more informed about the technology that supports them in operating efficiently and successfully.

TaxConnections connects tax professionals with new tax clients and tax jobs around the world. Tax Professional Members establish higher visibility online so prospective clients and employers can find our members easily. Each members also receives a Virtual Tax Office which is the most valuable online real estate available today! TaxConnections makes a difference in your professional life.

We offer a Special Membership rate to tax professionals out of work.

Kat Jennings, CEO

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