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Tag Archive for Irish Income Tax

TRUST—Tax Heads to Keep in Mind at FAE Level

Claire McNamara

Income Tax


The tax residence of the trustees is what determines the extent of their liability to Irish income tax. When reading an exam question, always pay attention to the residency of the individuals named as trustees. If you are told that all the trustees in the exam question are Irish resident then they are liable to Irish income tax on the worldwide income of the trust from all sources.

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2013 Finance Act – Part 2 – Irish Tax System

Finance Act 2013 contains the legislative provisions for a number of changes to the Irish tax system under all the main tax heads including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Excise, Value Added Tax, Stamp Duty and Capital Acquisitions Tax.

Due to the amount of changes it is not possible to detail each individual provision so I decided to focus on a cross section of amendments to give a general overview.  The legislative provisions I have selected will have an affect on most if not all Irish individuals whether resident and domiciled or resident and non-domiciled; employed or unemployed; retired or still working; self employed or PAYE workers; corporate structures or individuals, etc.  This is a ten-part Worldwide Tax Blog Series:

Universal Social Charge – Part 1

The Remittance Basis for Income Tax – Part 2

The Remittance Basis for Capital Gains Tax – Part 3

Taxation of Certain Social Welfare Benefits – Part 4

Mortgage Interest Relief – Part 5

Donations To Approved Bodies – Part 6

Farm Restructuring Relief – Part 7

FATCA – The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – Part 8

Close Company Surcharge – Part 9

Stamp Duty – Part 10



This legislative amendment was introduced as an anti-avoidance measure to ensure that an individual who is resident and/or ordinarily resident in Ireland but non-domiciled cannot avoid paying the correct tax on the remittance of income into Ireland. Read more