John Dundon

The most common year end tax planning questions generally have been revolving around the implications of sheltering and feeding fully grown and educated children as flying the coop has become increasingly difficult for the current generation of young adults. “Hanging” at Mom and/or Dad’s place as a young professional is the new ‘thing” to do. If you can…

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The Kiddie Tax

The kiddie tax is a special tax on children under age 18 who have net investment income over $2,000. It became part of the tax law when the 1984 Tax Reform Act was signed by President Reagan. The law was designed to prevent high income taxpayers from registering investments and other property producing investment income in the name of their children and having the income reported on the child’s tax return which would be taxed at a much lower rate than the parents.

The child’s net investment income can be reported in two ways: (1) on the parents return using form 8814 or (2) on the child’s return using form 8615. If it is reported on the child’s return, the net investment income over $2,000 will be taxed at the parents highest tax rate. Read More