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Archive for Family Tax

Taking Your Fund Private: Transitioning From Investment Fund To Family Office

An increasing number of investment fund managers are returning outside investor capital in order to focus on managing their personal and/or family wealth. The decision to “go private” can be driven by a number of factors, including dealing with an ever more complicated regulatory environment, fee compression,
increasing difficulty in finding alpha in stretched markets, the advancing age of the principal, or even as one of our clients recently told us: ”You know, it’s just not fun anymore.”

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Canada Law: Family Members As Part-Time Workers

This continues consideration of the revised proposals on income splitting through a family corporation.  The government released these revisions on December 13, 2017.  If passed into law in their current form, the proposals will apply as of the start of 2018.

The revised proposals contain an exemption for an over-age-17 family member who is actively engaged on a “regular, continuous and substantial basis” in the activities of the family business corporation. Read more


Barry Fowler

June is typically the most popular month for weddings. Did you ever wonder if there is a divorce season?

I did. And I found out that just like there is a season for getting hitched there’s one for getting unhitched too.

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Eight Tax Questions To Ask Before You Get Married

When two people fall in love, they tend to be blind to life’s realities. The last thing they want to do is bring up issues that might generate conflict, and let’s face it, the topic of taxes is definitely turbulent.

Ask these tough tax questions before you get married – to avoid an inevitable divorce.

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New Required Preparer Due Diligence: AOTC & Child Tax Credit

Annette Nellen

The addition of these two credits to the required due diligence of paid preparers in preparing a return that claims either or both was made by the PATH Act (P.L. 114-113, 12/18/15). The statutory language added at §6695(g) implied that regulations were needed. The IRS released draft Form 8867 and instructions in summer 2016, but did not release the regulations until 12/5/16. [TD 9799 (12/5/16) and REG 102952-16 (12/5/16)]

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Tax Rules When Selling Your Home

Ron Oddo

How the gains from the sale of a primary residence are taxed has changed in recent years. If you have recently sold your home, or are considering doing so, you may want to be aware of some of these tax rules.

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Year End Tax Planning & The Kiddie Tax – IRC §1(g)(2) – IRS Form 8615

John Dundon

The most common year end tax planning questions generally have been revolving around the implications of sheltering and feeding fully grown and educated children as flying the coop has become increasingly difficult for the current generation of young adults. “Hanging” at Mom and/or Dad’s place as a young professional is the new ‘thing” to do. If you can…

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Tax Challenges For Divorced Parents – Why?

Annette Nellen

We get used to certain rules in the tax system and then think they HAVE to be there. But, often, that is not the case. I think the rules related to divorce are good examples.

Alimony is deductible by the payer and taxable to the recipient. This violates the “fruit of the tree” doctrine from the famous 1930 US Supreme Court case, Lucas v Earl.

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Dependency Exemptions For Relatives Other Than Children

Harold Goedde

This article will discuss the requirements to claim a relative as a dependent, items considered as support and items not considered as support. It also discusses multiple support agreements.

Requirements for claiming an exemption. ALL of the following must be met or the exemption will be disallowed by the IRS.

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Children’s Dependency Exemptions

Harold Goedde

This article will discuss the requirements to claim a child as a dependent and the requirements for a non-custodial parent to claim an exemption. It also discusses the ”tie breaker” rule, voluntary release of the exemption by the custodial parent to the non-custodial parent, and a recent Tax Court decision that dealt with this issue.

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When Junior Has A Foreign Bank Account: What’s To Be Expected!

Manasa Nadig

I looked up my last blog post and realized I have not posted here since January! What a tax season it was, and how did time get away from me? Oh wait…I know how!

The past few years have seen a steady growth of a client base that has foreign accounts: no complaints there! Most clients have very routine FBAR filing requirements but then sometimes things are a little out of the ordinary and that gets me all excited…yes, I does! That either tells you about my lack of a life during tax season or we should just notch it up to tax nerd-iness!

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