David Southwell

There are a number of viable alternative plans for equity stripping and for protecting your home and other assets. We recognize that everybody’s financial situation is unique and work with everybody individually to tailor a plan that best protects their properties.

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Grant Gilmour

What is Shareholders’ Equity? Shareholders’ Equity is often used to measure the net worth of a company. It is used to assess the financial strength of a company.


Shareholders’ Equity (also commonly referred to as Owners’ Equity) comes from two sources:

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What is the net worth of your business? One way that you, your investors or creditors can tell is by looking at your balance sheet. This financial statement offers a snapshot of the health of your business. It shows your assets versus liabilities and equity. If you’re not sure how to document these financials, read on to learn how to create a balance sheet.

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On 1/28/16, the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on – Helping Americans Prepare for Retirement: Increasing Access, Participation and Coverage in Retirement Savings Plans.  This isn’t the first time for this topic.  There were a few hearings on this in 2014. I’m not sure if anything is driving the renewed attention to this topic now.  While tax reform is challenging in an election year, this important topic seems good for any year.  There is a need for reform of the tax rules for retirement plans to make them more equitable and simple to help more people save for retirement. Read More