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10 States That Provide The Most Protections For Dynasty Trusts

Ron Marini

Protecting wealth for future generations is often the goal for those who have been financially successful in life. A wealthy family founding father (or mother) can create a dynasty trust which is a long-term trust that can last varying amounts of time, depending on state law. It is irrevocable, meaning once it is funded the grantor or succeeding trustees cannot change it.

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Foreign Nationals – Common US Tax Planning Technique With a Dynasty Trust

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Many non-US persons have children, grandchildren and succeeding generations who are US citizen or resident individuals. The foreign person often wishes to create a trust for, or implement some other form of estate plan that will benefit these US individuals, whether during the lifetime of the foreign person or upon his or her death. When US individuals are to be the beneficiaries of such planning, extreme care must be taken so as not to run afoul of the numerous US tax rules that can result in harsh taxation to the US beneficiary who receives distributions from a foreign (non-US or “non-domestic”) trust. The creation of a so-called “Dynasty Trust” may be of benefit in some cases and can assist in the saving of significant US tax dollars.

What is a Dynasty Trust? How Does it Work?

In the past, many US States had laws in place that prevented a trust from continuing its existence through multiple levels of generations. This law was known as the “Rule Against Perpetuities.” This Rule was designed to prevent rich families from tying up family assets in trusts that continued through many generations of heirs. The Rule Against Perpetuities has been changed in many States, and as a result, the so-called “Dynasty Trust” appeared. Read more

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