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Tax Professionals: Do You Have A Data Protection Plan?

John Dundon - Do You Have A Data Protection Program

My friend, Deborah Rodgers, a dedicated and decorated public servant serving since the dawn of time as an IRS Stakeholder Liaison in the Denver Office called the other day before the government shutdown with all sorts of questions about my firm’s data protection plan. Time with Deborah is ALWAYS well spent!

Working inside the proverbial heart of the beast she truly knows my pain as I invest significantly in a data protection planning. Out of compassion she felt compelled to share with me that the IRS needs help too from taxpayers and tax practitioners alike to work diligently together towards protecting their private data.

It is evident to both of us that with increasingly sophisticated profiling aplenty online and otherwise people compiling and processing all the personal and business data required for reporting taxes to the IRS had best have a plan in place to protect that data. 

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