Step By Step Instructions How To Do A Corporate Tax Provision – Complimentary Webinar Friday June 15th

Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO, Tax Provision Software

Nick Frank, Tax Prodigy CEO teaches Accounting For Income Taxes as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management. We asked Nick to teach corporate tax professionals step by step how to do the tax provision and simplify the tax provision process.

If you attended the Corporate Tax Executives Call In Conference we hosted last month, you would have heard consultants say that many tax professionals are unprepared for the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act. Registering for this complimentary webinar for corporate tax professionals is an ideal best solution in preparation for the tax provision and the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act.

Attend each of these sessions with your corporate tax team to gain valuable through each of these tax provision sessions. For corporate tax professionals exclusively.

COURSE: Tax Cuts And Jobs Act And The Tax Provision For Corporate Tax Departments

 DATE: Friday, June 15, 2018

TIME: 11:00AM EST/10:00AM CT/9:00AM MT/8:00AM PST

ASC 740: Uncertain Tax Benefits and Valuation Allowances

– Uncertain Tax Benefits and Valuation Allowances: This course will cover the following ASC 740 topics

– Uncertain tax benefits: measurement and recognition of uncertain tax benefits, effectively settled, interaction with NOLs and credits, interest and penalties, disclosure and tabular roll forward

– Valuation allowances; weighting of positive and negative evidence, tax planning strategies


 COURSE: Tax Cuts And Jobs Act And The Tax Provision

DATE: Friday, June 29th 2018

TIME: 11:00AM EST/10:00AM CT/9:00AM MT/8:00AM PST

ASC 740: International

International: This course will cover international topics including the accounting for CFCs, foreign branches, currency translation and permanent reinvestment


COURSE: Tax Cuts And Jobs Act And The Tax Provision



ASC 740: Interim

ASC 740: Interim: This course will cover the interim annual effective tax rate framework and discrete items including the rules regarding multiple jurisdiction entities and losses jurisdictions.


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