The world’s most populous Spanish-speaking nation. Mexico is a Federation comprised of 32 states, being Mexico City the capital of the country. The government of Mexico is divided in three branches: the Legislative Branch in the form of a bicameral legislature comprised of a Senate of the Republic (Cámara de Senadores) and the Chamber of Deputies (Cámara de Diputados); the Executive Branch, with a President as the head of State; and a Judicial Branch, headed by the Supreme Court of Justice.

Mexico is one of the top economic partners of the U.S. which has allowed the creation of integrated chains of supply among U.S. and Mexican businesses. Mexico and the U.S. have signed and ratified the United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement- USMCA, which is a revised version of the former North American Free Trade Agreement- NAFTA. Under the USMCA, there are multiple protections for the investors from the North American region as well as import/export rules that require regional content inclusions in goods manufactured in the region.

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