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The Key To A Legal And Successful Reduction In Your Tax Liability Is Planning

The key to a legal and successful reduction in your tax liability is planning. We don’t just comply with tax procedures but we also recommend proactive tax saving measures to maximize your income after tax deductions.

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Heavy Vehicle & Deductible Home Office = Major Tax Savings

You can reap major tax savings with the heavy vehicle and home-office combo. The heavy vehicle produces quick deductions. The home office that qualifies as a principal office eliminates commuting miles, and such an elimination can dramatically increase your business-use percentage of vehicles.

For example, say you bought a $50,000 vehicle that you use 60 percent for business. Your depreciation and expensing elections apply to $30,000. Read more

Saving Taxes On Required Minimum Distributions

Harold Goedde

Taxpayers who have a tax deferred retirement plan (e.g., a 401K, 403B, 457B) or an IRA must take a required minimum distribution (RMD) when they reach age 70 ½ which is reported as ordinary income. In the year you become 70 ½, you can defer the first distribution until April 15 of the following year.

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Tax Saving Tips For 2016

Harold Goedde

Your 2016 taxes may increase because the amount allowed for exemptions is reduced as AGI increases above certain amounts, depending on filing status. You may also have to pay an additional Medicare tax of .9% on wages and an additional 3.8% tax on net investment income (investment income less related expenses) for taxpayers with MAGI (adjusted gross income plus non taxable foreign income). The threshold amount depends on your filing status. If you expect your income to be in these ranges, increase your withholding or 4th quarter estimated tax payment—due by January 15—to avoid the underpayment penalty.

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KBKG Tax Insight: New Qualified Improvement Property Category in 2016

Gian Piazza

Most tax professionals know by now that under the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, the rules for eligibility as Qualified Leasehold Improvements (QLI), Qualified Restaurant Property, and Qualified Retail Property with a 15 year recovery period are now permanent. Additionally, the PATH Act has extended, modified, and will eventually phase out bonus depreciation. However, one of the least discussed provisions that will have a broad impact on all real estate owners is a brand new category of building improvements that significantly increases the likelihood that real property capital expenditures are eligible for bonus depreciation.

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Opportunities For Tax Savings

American Opportunity Credit The tax law passed by Congress in December 2015 extended many provisions retroactive to January 1, 2015 and made many of them permanent. Taxpayers who qualify for the deductions and credits but did not take advantage of them on their 2015 return, can file an amended return to use them. They should also be aware of the ones made permanent and use them in preparing future returns.This article discusses the major provisions to help taxpayers save taxes.

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